Chicago : Somewhere Saturday

I am a city girl, well partly, I do love the countryside but I really do love visiting different cities. I work in an industry where I am lucky enough to travel. Not very often but a little bit here and there.

One of those amazing places has been the Windy City, otherwise known as Chicago. Oh Chicago, Chicago, Chicago where do I begin. The big city where the small girl from the West Country fell deeper in love with travel! I don't know whether it's the lights, the atmosphere or the pizza which makes me loves this place so much. Although that being said must be to do with the pizza, I love me some food.

I had about 36 hours to see what this city had to offer. I need to go back just to make sure I did cover everything albeit briefly the first time. Well, that's my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it. So where should I start? Shockingly the start of my itinerary would be a good place. Once I had landed in Chicago O'Hare we were off to settle into our hotel room and by settle I mean find your room, drop off your suitcase, quick pee and head back down to reception.

I stayed in the beautiful Talbot Hotel. It's in a great location, minutes away from the Magnificent Mile and Michigan Avenue. It is in the heart of the Gold Coast neighbourhood. It was built back in 1927 and although refurbished on the inside the outside screams the glitz and glamour of the 1920's, I will admit, it's a bit strange thinking this hotel was built when Al Capone was running around.
There is so much to do in the city, you could easily spend a week here and still not do everything you want to, there are so many little nooks and crannies. Around every corner, there is something interesting.

Millenium Park

I can guarantee you have all seen something based in this park. Cloud Gate, the big silver sculpture also known as The Bean created by the British artist Anish Kapoor. What I didn't know is, however, this iconic this sculpture is just one part of a 24.5 acre park dedicated to arts & culture. It's based in the Loop neighbourhood not far from the shoreline of Lake Michigan, I didn't even manage to make it around this stunning park! I don't know if I was more distracted by the fact the area is absolutely spotless (there is not one piece of litter anywhere) or the copious amounts of artwork. There are so many stunning pieces dotted around.
During the Summer months, there are many shows and concerts performed for free on the open air stage, where families are all welcome to come on down with the picnics to enjoy the atmosphere and entertainment.
The beautiful gardens in there too, simply breathtaking.  I honestly forgot I was in the middle of the city. You couldn't feel further away from a city of over 2.7 million.

360 Chicago
The panoramic views over Lake Michigan are indescribable. I knew it was big but I honestly wasn't expecting such a vast amount of open water! Safe to say, I think it's the first lake I've seen before which actually has waves breaking on the coast. I now know why it is classed as one of Americas Great Lakes. The 360 Chicago is located on Michigan Avenue and is formally known as the John Hancock Tower. Up at the 94th floor there is a beautiful viewing area, you get to see what the city looks like from 1000 feet up in comfort. If you are feeling a bit brace you can pay to experience the 360 Tilt. This unique attraction tilts you outside the building! Yes you heard that right! You go off to a separate area on the 94th floor where the windows and floor tilts at 3 different angles! You are still inside so you get amazing views in the warmth. I can't imagine what it would be like outside when it's known as the 'Windy City'

Chicago First Lady Architecture Cruise

Chicago has some of the most interesting buildings I have come across in a city centre. Yes, i am talking to you, Mr Car Park. I went on the the First Lady river cruise and I have to admit, it was beautiful. The views are spectacular and you can really appreciate the buildings around you. Even if architecture isn't your thing, Ill admit it's not exactly mine, you will love this trip. It has even been rated as one of TripAdvisors 'Top Tours in the US'.
It is a 90 minute tour which departs whatever the weather and the commentary is provided by local guides known as 'docents'. These guys are incredible the knowledge they know about each building is just something else. they are friendly and helpful and you can throw any question at them and they will know the answer full stop new line some of the buildings UCI credibly unique like the car park I mentioned above.love him I hate him and Donald Trump building lives right on the river side and the story behind this building has trump written all over it. when the building was being made the local residents absolutely hated it it really didn't go with the surroundings. Donald Trump in true formative in South decided on getting permission to write his name across the building in 20 foot letters. In the end this is even got the mayor to propose restrictions along the Chicago river so it doesn't happen again.
During the nineties minute cruise you get to go around and see the whole cities Skylines and go out as far as where Lake Michigan begins.

Connies Pizza

you can't go to Chicago and not have a pizza right? When I was out there we went to collies pizza and let me tell you I honestly don't think I have had a pizza that good before.being gluten-free I normally get from this out on the good stuff and these guys waited for me which was fantastic. Although it may not have been one of their famous deep dish pizza which looked unreal, my mouth is still watering thinking about them. it was really good it has to be the best gluten-free pizza Crust ever like ever ever ever ever ever. It is that good I needed that many of evers.
the first Connie's pizzas opened in 1962 and it was just a small store on the Southside of Chicago since then it has just expanded and expanded and expanded live open new restaurant as well as creating freezing food nationwide. 

Fingers crossed I get to visit this beautiful city again in May for work!

Have you been to the Windy City before?! What did you like most about it?!