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I am officially on the wedding diet. Well, not just a wedding one, I mean the flights aren't even out yet to book it, I am determined to be able to run around with K in the summer when he is out and about. Imagine having a little one who wants to play but you can't! It's not going to happen. I don't want to see the sheer look of disappointment on K's face because mummy got yet another take away rather than cook for herself.

Now I will warn you, my photo skills aren't that great at the best of times. This really tastes better than it looks, as I am sure you would make it look a lot more pretty than me!

I have joined Slimming World and I am actually doing really well, it has made me realise I can make food that is enjoyable and on plan! I am currently on the easy recipes as cooking is all new to me. I am the one who once asked why my pasta isn't cooking to then be told, there is no water in the pan.

I recently received a lovely parcel full of all things tomato from Cirio. Tomatoes have to be one of my favourite veggies or, if you do want to be technical about it, it's one of my favourite fruits. Cirio produce the best tasting tomato I think I have ever eaten, they are authentic Italian and a lot sweeter than some of the ones I have brought recently in supermarkets.

I love how Cirio has a 'seed to fork' traceability. Cirio brings together over 14,500 farmers and focuses on being environmentally friendly. 

I love Mexican food, I can not decide what I prefer more. Indian or Mexican they both are amazing for separate things! I adore burritos! I'm sure my partner would love me to look at his the same way I do with food but come on tortilla wraps stuffed with all kind of goodness, get in my belly.

Unfortunately, the wraps are high in syns, so trying to cut back and get back on track after the whole eat your body weight in food over the Christmas period, I thought I would try something a bit different and try to reduce the damage. I thought trying to stuff peppers was the way to go.

The came out surprisingly nice, so if you want to make your own here's the recipe.


2 x chicken breasts (free)
2 x  bell peppers (free)
1 x can of kidney beans (free)
1  x cup of rice (free)
1 x can of Cirio tomatoes (free)
1 x red onion diced (free)
Seasoning to taste (free)
30g grated cheddar (Hex A)


1) Preheat the over to 160 degrees (fan assisted). Season the chicken, I used habanero and spicy cajun as I had no fajita 
2) Grill the chicken on a George Forman with no spray alternatively cook in a frying pan with Fry Light, fry off the diced onion at the same time 
3) Meanwhile, boil the rice and cook the kidney beans as per the instructions on the can and dice the tomatoes 
4) Cut the top off the peppers and scrape out the insides 
5) Once everything has finished cooking, mix together the rice, tomatoes, onions and kidney beans and the chicken once it has been diced
6) Stuff the pepper with the rice mixture and either grate or cut the cheese into cube and cover on top of the pepper 
7) Pop the pepper on a baking tray and cook for 15-20 minutes 
8) Serve with a big salad

This really tastes better than it looks here!

I have also been loving Cirio's chopped tomatoes with pasta and bacon! I have tried two different type, chopped tomatoes in basil and the other one in chili. After a long days work I have been just boiling the pasta and some chicken and bacon and pouring over the tomatoes to make a sauce and it is amazing. Perfect when you're a busy mum!

Have you got any recipes you are loving at the moment?

*This post contains PR samples