Harbour Hotel Bristol : Somewhere Saturday

I live in an amazing city. Not only are the people friendly and sites beautiful, it is rich in history. Back in November, I went to a Travel Massive event which was held at the newly opened and not quite finished Harbour Hotel located at the top of Corn Street.

This building was something else. I just had to write about as it was so beautiful and I am currently eyeing it up as a potential wedding reception venue!

If you are local to Bristol you may recognise the building as the HSBC bank opposite St. Nicks Market. I had never even been in this building before. Yes, I had walked passed it weekly and used the cash point outside but this had always been on my walk to the next watering hole when I was around 18. The last thing on my mind was to see what was standing before me.

This is a simply stunning grade 2 listed building and the guys in charge of the hotel have kept the history of the building alive although in a modern way. All the art pieces which are dotting around have some relevance and are inspired by the fact this used to be the bank. 

Harbour Hotels have a few hotels around England, all of them luxury coastal retreats. Working in travel I have toured more hotels than I can count, both in this country and abroad. This hotel has to be in my top 5, that may have something to do with a certain complimentary treat you get. I have honestly never seen that in the UK!

On the tour, work mode made an appearance and I have so many notes about this beautiful place. Even though I live in Bristol I am still saving up to spend a night here and eat at their restaurant.

Their restaurant is called The Jetty and has a lovely layout. They mainly focus on fish dishes. Don't get me wrong the whole menu isn't fish only but that is their predominant ingredient. I love the fact they do gluten free batter for fish! I never ate fish & chips often, I was more a battered sausage girl but since finding out I am sensitive to gluten, all I have wanted is a massive plate of fish & chips! The Jetty's main focus is to source fresh and local ingredients, which is always a winner.

The hotel's restaurant is extremely reasonably priced, considering you know, it's a hotel's restaurant. I have stayed in many hotels before where they charge you an arm and a leg to eat there. Literally. The Jetty, however, you can pick up a bottle of white wine for £18.95 and a main of quail pie for £19.50. 

I loved everything about this restaurant from the open kitchen so you can watch the chefs at work to the extensive wine menu. There are even plans to have a Gold bar with table service and afternoon tea!

The rooms at this hotel are beautiful! They don't have a standard room, they only have deluxe and higher. They are the biggest beds I've ever seen in my life! Not because of the width, oh no, the height of them. I generally think I would need to step on the couch at the end of the bed to even reach it. These were clearly not designed for the vertically challenged.

The rooms are of a decent size and would be perfect for a date night away child free! I am aware I live in Bristol so I don't particularly need to stay in the city center for a night however with a babysitter for the night and a room where you are guaranteed not to trip over any toys. A night here would be heaven.

This hotel offers a turndown service with a twist. On a table in your room stand two beautiful decanters full of even more beautiful contents. Gin and sherry. Want to know something even more beautiful still? It's complimentary! The turndown service which runs around 7 pm can offer you mixers for the drinks. It is perfect for a night in with you loved one or even pre-drinks before a night out in a city known for good nightlife.

In each of the rooms, there is a coffee machine which with the complimentary gin and sherry, I think is a brilliant idea. We all know some are going to have a killer hangover the next day. All the amenities in the rooms are from the White Company so this hotel screams luxury

They are also looking to increase the room capacity here with 3 corner suites and 2 top suites. Hello, I am here if you need anyone to have a look at these rooms!

Towards the end of January (so around about now hopefully), the hotel's spa should open. There is going to be 7 treatment rooms all of which used to be bank vaults, which is an experience in itself. When I was viewing the spa which was still in the building stage we were shown where the indoor pool is going to be, the steam room and sauna. There is also going to be a hydrotherapy pool. 

This place has everything you need for the perfect weekend away in Bristol, or even just a couple wanting to escape their home for an evening when they have the babysitter.  

Have you got any hidden gems of hotels in your home cities?!