Hell Pore Clean Up Mask : Review

With Korean skin care being the 'in' thing right about now, you may have seen lots of reviews popping up about Hell Pore face mask by Elizavecca milkypiggy. As soon as I heard all about this I knew I needed to try it out for myself. 

I hate my skin, it is horrendous. Oily and acne prone, it is not what a 25 year old wants. I got this back in December off of Amazon. It was £13.10 for a 100ml of product which I personally don't think it's too bad if the product is good.It also comes with free delivery between 3-5 working days or the next day if you are a Prime member.

I have been using the for over a month now so have my thoughts on this, check them out below

The Packaging

I am a complete sucker for packaging. I get drawn into the bright colours and gorgeous designs. This is no different, except I would call this a beautiful design! 

I love the bright blue box and the animation of a pig scaring all the blackheads off. I personally find it hilarious and had been sold on purchasing this on that fact alone. I will admit, this is a bad trait I have.

The box is all in Korean so you won't find the instructions on there. There is, however, one side of English which explains what the masks do as well as the warnings. Why there is a warning saying people especially infants shouldn't eat this is beyond me. Has someone tried before?!

This is going to sound strange now so bear with me! The box itself feels really sturdy and high quality. It reminds me of high-end skin care packaging I have had in the past.

The tube inside has the same image on, of the pig destroying the pores, and once again the back is in Korean. I love how the is a squeezy tube that sits cap down so all the product moves down so, I feel like I don't waste a lot of product. Anyone else feel like that? No, just me? Thought so. Bonus points as the lid is plastic so easy clean 

The Product

This is a peel off face mask which in theory works as a giant pore strip. It is really simple to use. The mask itself is a grey toned and once on your face I thought it felt really sticky! Kind like glue setting on my face. It feels so strange if I am honest with you, it's not like any other face mask I have in my ever growing excessive stockpile. 

The first drawback of this mask is the smell. It smells so strongly of alcohol it is very off putting. When I applied it around my eye area the scent was that strong my eyes started to water like I had just been balling my eyes out over some cheesy chick flick - that isn't my thing by the way! 

It is so simple to use. Apply a thin layer all over your face or where ever you want it, wait about 20 minutes for it to dry and then peel off starting from the bottom pulling up. It is literally as easy as 1 2 3.

The Results

When I first received this it was so hard not to just rip the packaging open and slather it on my face. It had been hyped up so much, I thought it was going to be my miracle product. I would never need anything like this. 

After the first use, I have to say, I was very underwhelmed. I didn't see any difference in my skin. My stubborn blackheads were still setting up camp on my knows and my eyes were red from the smell. At this point, I thought it was a complete waste of money and then to top it off I broke out really badly a few days later. Brilliant the complete opposite of what I was looking for! On a plus side, the first use did remove a lot of dead skin cells and all the peachy fuzz we all like to deny we have!

Despite not liking this the first time round, I have continued to use this to really try it out and get this post out plus I really wanted to love this.

So I used it for the second time and the third, and then after each use I kept breaking out. I was in two minds about using this again and again. Each time I had a similar though process. 'God god this smells, well theres goes my peach fuzz halijuah. Where the F have all these spots come from'. It was hardly the dream in a bottle I had hoped for.

As after using it a few more times I am still unsure. This. It is not what I was expecting and ripping all the impurities out my skin in an instant, but it has slowly cleared all my stubborn blackheads up. I used to have the problem of my foundation hugging onto my blackheads like Sid with that bloody acorn. Anyone get my reference ha! Back to the foundation, though, it would also stick to them and split making my nose look horrendous. Since using this I have noticed this doesn't happen anymore which is amazing!  

My skin seems to have stopped producing as much oil as it used to. It is noticeable in my T-Zone area, it needs a lot less blotting during the day but also my blackheads haven't reappeared yet, I've stopped breaking out each time I use it too now which is good. 

I don't think this is worth the hype if I am honest with you, after using this a fair few times and still not sure if I like it or not means I clearly don't. I haven't rushed out to tell all my friends to buy it and I doubt I ever will. It did give me some good results in the end but I just can't help but think there must be something better out there.

Do you have any face masks you swear by?