January Update

Oh hey! I just wanted to jump on here and give you a bit of a life update. Don't get me wrong nothing major has happened but still sometimes it's nice to just sit and write about what's going on as I'm not on YouTube yet...maybe?

It has been emotional in work this month! It is peaks so it's the busiest time of the year in the industry so it's pretty much non stop. I have also resigned and retracted, in the space of a week too! I have been at my job for going on 7 years and after a stressful day I pretty much had enough and thought that's it I'm off. Well fast forward a few days I realised I wasn't just giving up a job. I was giving up a career I have worked my bloody socks off for. I started in college 9 years ago learning all about travel before deciding which path of the industry I went down. Besides I also had no job to go to so yeah I would have had no food for B, little man or I! I ended up going back to my bosses tail between my legs and I can stay! So happy about it!

B has informed me I need to stop having tantrums and think things through, this was most likely brought on from the quitting of the job and the epic omelette meltdown of 2017.

Little man has teeth! Finally, I generally thought they would never cut through! He started the whole teething process at around 10 weeks give or take. So he's been a beautiful but miserable sod lately. Can't believe it though as it now feels real, he is growing up!

If you guys have noticed I finally have a blog schedule! Hopefully, I can stick to it as I am loving writing and getting 3 posts up a week. Just need to get my ass into gear and get on top of my commenting as I read so many great blogs and just always forget to leave my love! 

On the blog note, I am thinking of maybe starting a YouTube channel! This was in my 'this year' post, I don't think I have the balls of full on vlogging and all that jazz yet, but you know maybe one day. I'm thinking it might be a good way of adding more to my blog, maybe showing you how an eye shadow blends rather than just writing about it. I don't know I just think it may support my blog a bit more. And besides who doesn't want to hear a gurt Bristolian accent!

I am officially on the wedding diet! Well not exactly a diet, I am trying to just get my act together and clean up my eating. I am currently following the Slimming World plan so rather than just 'dieting' I am trying to overhaul my lifestyle! I don't want little man missing out because mummy can't run 10 meters. Plus I'm getting married in November 2018, who doesn't want to look good on their wedding day?!

How are your January's going?!