Kick Starting the diet with Forza

You all know I am doing Slimming World. I can not wait to slip into a size 14 dress I have! I know a size 14 is still big to some people but I have never been small, so a size 14 is a good start for me then I can go from there.

I've recently been testing out some meal replacement shakes and some tablets. Now before you all jump down my neck, this isn't for everyone neither is it here to be used for months on end. The lovely guys over at Forza kindly sent me over their Diet Slenderbind tablets as well as a 7 day supply of meal replacement shakes. I jumped at the chance to try these as I thought the would be perfect to boost my weight loss in 2017 to give me the motivation I need.

Although I have already completed the weeks worth of shakes, I am only putting this post up now so I can see the results when you add food back into your diet. 

Diet Shake It Slim Meal Replacement Shakes
I will state this again. These are not for everyone. They are not for long term use, it has all the disclaimers on the box. You shouldn't use this if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and it is not designed for children under 16. 

You can use the shakes in 2 ways, weight loss and weight management. If you want to lose weight (hello, me me me!) you replace two meals a day with the shakes and have a balanced nutrient meal as well. Or if you are looking to continue the maintenance of your weight you can replace one meal a day with the shakes. 

I was kindly sent the 7 day starter pack and made the decision to use it for the weight loss purpose and to have 2 of the shakes a day. I decided to replace my breakfast and lunch as I could drink as I go to work and have the second one there too. It is the busiest time of the year in the travel industry so a quick easy lunch is perfect.

In the starter pack, you get 14 sachets, so if you were going to be using them as maintenance you actually have 2 weeks worth! You get 5 chocolate, 5 strawberry and 4 vanilla's in the pack. All of them are made in the same way, you pour the sachet into a glass and add 250-300ml of cold water and give it a stir. Alternatively, you can purchase one of Forza's whey protein shaker bottles which means you can pour in the shake and water then just shake the bottle for a couple of seconds and you get no lumps and you're good to go. The bottles have a mesh top underneath the main lid as well as a ball at the bottle so you shakes mix together perfectly every time.

I have tried a ridiculous amount of meal replacement shakes and they have all tasted horrendous. I actually think dirty dish water may taste better than half of what's on offer. These, however, are delicious! To me, the taste quite creamy, like an actual milkshake, although minus the horrendous calories as these are only 204 calories a piece. They aren't too sweet either so they tick the box there too! Another thing I noticed during the week I tried these were I didn't feel bloated after drinking them and they did fill me up and stopped me reaching for the chocolate. 

Diet Slenderbind
These tablets are designed for adults only who are classed as obese with a BMI of over 26. I am also aware the BMI system isn't the best to class you as overweight, however, I know I am so this would be perfect for me to try out as yes, my BMI is well over 26.

To use these tablets you take 2 capsules with water 15 minutes before a main meal. You can take up to 6 a day so a box of 30 will last a minimum 5 days if you take all 6. I have been taking 2 tablets a day before dinner which is always Slimming World friendly. My favourite at the moment is my Chicken Burrito Stuffed Peppers. 

The way in which these tablets is all down to the Lipomyl in them. This causes the fats and cholesterol to bind together as they enter the stomach, which leads to the fat clusters not being broken down and absorbed into the body as they are too large. 

Did it Work?
Well, the moment of truth. Did it work and what happened when I ate 3 meals again? During this month I have also drunk 2 liters of water a day as well as the 30-day squat challenge. My legs are killing me! 
My start weight was 14 stone 10.5 pounds 
After two weeks my end weight was 14 stone 7 pounds 

Final Thoughts
Although not a long term fix this is a perfect was to kick start the year and to boost my motivation.and keep me on track. I have continued with the exercise and it has put me in the right mindset I need to continue my weight loss journey! I would also use the shakes again if I had an event or special occasion coming up. 

From just using the shakes I lost 6 pounds in one week which is absolutely fantastic, then when I introduced food back into the diet I did gain again but only 2.5 pounds which is amazing as I kept off the majority.
You can buy Forza supplements directly online with them here or from places such as Boots, Very and Holland & Barrett 

Are any of you embarking on a healthy new you in 2017?

*Contains PR Samples