Teething Favourites

Ladies and gentleman, we have a tooth! Not just one, oh no. We have two teeth that have finally cut through K bear's gums! He is officially no longer a gummy bear. I honestly don't know how I feel about this, it's like another part of my little boy has slipped away from me in an instant. Now you can see his teeth, I honestly feel like he is a little man and no longer my teeny tiny baby who needed me for everything. 

We have been watching these little white buds move slowly up his gums from about 10 weeks, crazy I know. We presumed these white buds were his first teeth but we were never sure until two of the white dots burst through his gums. So little man is now 10 months old. I started to think these teeth were never going to cut and it literally happened overnight! 

Through those long months of teething, we have had a few staples that every parent needs so why not share them on my slice of the internet.

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This is your new best friend. You will be needing this for when you can tell the little human is in pain. I really want to cry when I know those bloody teeth are hurting him and he is looking at me to take the pain away with his big brown eyes and I can't. What I can do though is squirt Calpol into his mouth which he seems happy with half hour later when he realises it actually works and I'm not coming towards him with a syringe for the sheer hell of it!  Also is the fact Calpol is from now 2 months plus new?! I could have sworn it was for 3 months!!

Nuby Gum-Eez Dummy 
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You may use dummies you may not, it's neither here nor there! If you do use them you may wanna go check out Nuby. They are a brilliant company for teething and I discovered this beauty where your bubs can gnaw down on the dummy which has teething gel on! Winning. This moves me onto the next savior 

Teething Gel
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Bonjela, Calgel Nuby's teething gel any one you pick up is gonna make your life easier. Even when you're out you can rub this all over the gummy bear and within 20 minutes it will kick in! Is it mean that I love the faces of disgust the little man pulls when he tastes the different gels?

Cold Cucumber and Carrot Sticks 

Well, obviously I'm not going to do a purchase here link! Since K has started teething I have always kept some veggie sticks in the fridge. The are the most perfect things for teething as well as helping along with the weaning process. Healthy and cheap means happy mummy!

Nuby Teething Dribble Bibs 
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These are just killing two birds with one stone. Not only do they catch the abundance of dribble that your bubs appears to produce by the truck load but they have a teething triangle at the end so they can munch to their hearts content and keep their clothes dry. Happy mumma right here.

Teething Toys 
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We have some keys that we can put in the fridge or freezer which helps calm the gummy bear down and also hard so relives some the pressure I guess? I would like to point out, I am aware I have a lot of Nuby items but I do believe they are the best out there. We have loads of different teething toys even some from the Poundshop. As long as they are durable, I am happy. We have a fair amount of teething toys but with the amount they get thrown on the floor or lost, you can never have too many

What has helped you through the teething period?