Top 3 Authors

I don't get to read often anymore, well that's a lie. I read daily but I read to little man so a book which literally contains 'this rabbit, that rabbit, flat rabbit, fat rabbit', so it doesn't count. When I do finally get a chance to flick through a few beautiful pages I can guarantee 99% of the time is a book by one of three authors. So today's post is just going to be a quick one telling you guys why I love these guys!

This year I wrote in my This Year post I want to try and read at least a book a month and it is going ok although I haven't successfully read a whole book a month. As long as I read 12 by October that counts right?

I'm very predictable when it comes to reading, it follows the same pattern as the TV shows I watch. Anything with a murder and how the police solve it etc. Hello number 1 CSI fan over here. Nothing can ever heal my heart over the fact that they have canceled all 3 of the franchises and don't even talk to me about that shit they tried to bring out as the fourth spin-off show. It just wasn't the same!

Karen Rose

I love how all her book characters intertwine and know each and they reference different stories so the main thing with these books is you need to read the series in order to avoid any spoiler alerts. Also, things get dirtaaay in the books. I have just seen I am way behind and there are loads of her books I haven't bought yet but you know books are expensive so I have to be savvy and buy one here and there. 

Richard Montanari

 His first book I read was called 'Play Dead' and which made me want to visit Philadelphia so badly. I'm that kinda geek that loves reading a book then if you visit the places you see where the book was based. Except in the case of Mo Handler's books, another great writer but I didn't realise how local until I read a book and it was describing places just up the road from me. It was kinda weird! So yeah back to Montanari, he is an American author who's writing just entices your to read the whole book in a day. Of course, I don't have that luxury anymore but he is without a doubt one of the most inventive author I have come across in a long time. I mean some of the death scenes? Seriously, I have never read anything like it, it's kinda captivating in a non serial killer way.

Mo Hayder

Finally the third spot was a tough one, I had two authors in mind but I have to say, Jo Nesbo was pipped to the post . She lives in Bath and has stories based in and around the Bristol area so I love the fact I can picture the story in my mind when I read it. All her books keep me turning the pages as I can't bear to put it down. I mean I have even just hid in the toilet for 10 minutes just to get a sneaky chapter in before! I have two more books on my shelf by her waiting to be read.

Who are your favourite authors?