What's In My Changing Bag?

Do you ever feel like you changing bag is full of more than just nappies?! Mine is always full of my junk and baby essentials so I thought let's see what is in the beast! I haven't cleaned this out in a few days so I dread to think what is lurking in this bag As I am not a You Tuber, come on Chelsey you don't have the balls for that. I thought I would do a post about it.

So the bag.... This one is perfect for me and B as it's the only one we agreed on! After trawling through the internet and many wasted hours we knew we needed to get a simple plain bag that was practical. According to B all the one's I loved were 'too handbagy'. The Babymoov Messenger Changing Bag is perfect for us. We chose to get the bag in black as it matches our pram and it is simple and stylish. More important than anything else....it's manly enough for B! You can check out the bag here

The main compartment of the bag is huge and fits everything you could possibly need in there, mine is crammed with the following.

1) Tommee Tippee Comfi Neck Bib*
Purchase here
I am in two minds about this bib, I love it has the curve at the end to catch all the food K likes to throw around but I just don't think it can possibly comfortable. The attachment around the neck seems a bit too stiff but then, K doesn't complain so must not bother him. Maybe I am 'that' mother who over thinks simple things, I'm talking about the bib like it could strangle the boy. It won't it's actually fully adjustable and I need to snap out of it.

2) Pampers Natural Clean Baby Wipes*
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I don't have a major thought process behind buying wet wipes. I tend to lean more towards the natural and sensitive kind but ultimately it comes down to what is available to buy at the time. I haven't been massively blown away with a particular brand of wipes if I am honest, as long as they clean up the pee I am a happy mumma bear.

3) Mamia Nappies
Hands down these have to be the best nappies for K. Up until K was born I just thought nappies were just a general thing, turns out they are kind of dependent on the babies! Pampers are clearly one of the most well known leading brands, however, they just did not agree with K. They seemed to irritate his skin and he always leaked. Mamia nappies have been a blessing to us, not only because they don't irritate his skin they are also so much cheaper.

4) Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment*
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K has never really had a nappy rash, he has been incredibly lucky as I have seen it is extremely common. Never the less I always keep a little tube of this with me as you just never know. It is actually very versatile, behind K's knees can get a little dry from time to time. If I am out and about I generally pop a bit of this on the dry skin until we get home to apply a different cream.

5) Clothes
I pack so many clothes when we go out and about 'just in case'. 8 months later that just in case still hasn't happened. I need to change him once! Twice at the very most if I'm just being fussy. I alway pack a mixture of short & long sleeved baby grows, a million tops and jumpers but only two pairs of trousers, because you know just in case!

6) Bickiepegs*
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Little man has been teething since he was about 3 months old and they still haven't cut through. We are just watching little white dots move slowly up his gums. This has to be about my third or fourth pack of Bickiepegs. To me, they are a god sent. They've been around for 90 years so I have faith in them! K get's on really well with these and loves gnawing on them to relieve the pressure when they are playing up.

7) Nappy Sacks
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I always have these on me, just like the wet wipes I have no preference as long as they're fragranced! You really need them fragranced. Not sure there is much more I can say about mini carrier bags made for poop. That's their sole purpose!

In the back pocket or the bag, I keep the changing mat that came with the bag. Do you want to know the shocking thing about this? I don't actually use this. It is more for show clearly, and to take up a whole pocket so I can't use it for anything else.

8) NUK Dummies*
Love or hate dummies it's up to you, for us little man likes them. We have used so many different types of dummies, it's a minefield but once we found the NUK ones, we knew they were here to stay. Unlike some of the others such as the Philipps Avent ones, these ones just fit better in his mouth. They aren't as big and bulky. I honestly can't rate NUK enough!

So moving on to the front pocket, it is surprisingly roomy and can hold a lot of baby related items in or in my case junk.

9) Cath Kidson Mirror
I got this for Christmas off my mum years ago and I love it, don't get me wrong it is scratched up but I just can't bear to part way with it. I can still see myself in it therefore it stays!

10) New Look Matte Lip Pencil 
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I throw whatever lip product I am wearing for the day in here and according to when I lasted used this bag it was a dark vampy purple. I adore this colour so much, it's a new one in my collection and the wear time is pretty amazing too.

11) Heinz Apple Biscotti 
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And a half eaten bag at that. Oh so yummy! Little man is obsessed with these biscuits, he loves feeding himself them. Mummy doesn't not particularly like finding half eaten soggy biscuits everywhere, though. Seriously though, not really sure how long these have been in here. They were buried at the bottom.

Do you guys tend to have organised changing bags?! Mines an organised mess!

*Some of the items mentioned in this post have been sent as PR samples, however, all views and opinions are my own