Babease Food For Babies Not Baby Food

Hand up if you're weaning?! Hands up if you know what the hell you are meant to feed your tiny human?!

This is what I have struggled with since we have started introducing food to K. What do I feed him and how much?! I didn't start with this baby led weaning that everyone is banging on about. My main reasons were the fact, little man is on medication so we needed to know much food he was actually taking and you know I wasn't confident with the whole no choking thing. Purees were the best way forward for my little fella.

I have recently received a few pouches of Babease foods which K has absolutely loved. I was honestly not expecting him to like them. He likes what he likes and doesn't really stray too far from the flavours he knows and loves.

The guys over at Babease are keen of the idea ' food for babies not baby food'. They are the masters of all things vegetable. All there pouches are vegetable led and are all gluten and dairy free. It is basically a pouch full of all sorts of goodness, no added sugar, no added salt, suitable for vegetarians and of course 100% organic.

I am a sucker for packaging. There I said it, even if something is rubbish I would get it as it looks pretty. I really love the designs of these! They have a cardboard exterior around the plastic food pouch and I love the design. They have their logo in the middle on the front with the flavour underneath. On the back there is a great little pie chart type of thing showing you the percentages of everything in there. 

We got a mix of 4 and 7 month pouches as K has his moments where he just wants smoother food and he has loved them all except one! He isn't to keen on the Pumpkin and Pea one! Blimey, I really wish I took a photo of that face! He absolutely loved the Sweet Potato & Pear with Coconut Water, Brown Rice and Quinoa. 

You can just tell by the names of the two mentioned above, you can see what they mean by food for babies and not baby food! It is real flavours and actually I could see myself eating some of these flavours, but in a less puree'd in a pouch form. I have seen these available in Boots and they start from £1.19 which may seem steep. I mean I thought it was to begin with however once you check out the ingredients you understand you are paying for quality ingredients.

In Babease stage one foods, it is a combination of fruits and vegetables, they never use more than 30% fruit in a pouch though which I think is great as fruits are generally high in sugar albeit natural, I would still rater keep it to a minimum! They're stage 2 pouches are all savoury and contain no fruit what so ever. 

The guys at Babease are leading the way in the baby food market, well in my pinion anyway! They are the first company I have seen using ingredients such as quinoa and puy lentils. They try and source most their ingredients from the UK, but lets be honest. You are going to have to go further afield if you want to get some coconut water! 

I highly recommend these pouches! I think they are going to help my tiny human be more adventurous with flavours and hopefully not make him that one fussy child who will only eat chicken nuggets and chips!
I also got sent this cute tote with a butternut squash on, I absolutely love it and it is what I now take my lunch in when I go to work. 

Have you guys any of Babease food, what did your little ones think?! 

* Contains PR Samples