Baby And Lion Dog

Reading is so important to me! I recently wrote about my top 3 authors and I honestly hope one day my son loves reading just as much as I do. I make sure I read to K at least once a day, he has stages of what his favourite book is. Recently it has been a booking I've kindly been sent called Baby And Lion Dog.

I think he loves it for the size. It's quite long in width, so it is easy for him to grab. He does this thing where he likes to think he's helping by turning the page, when in reality. Well, he's just making the whole book reading process longer and turning about 6 pages at the time.

These books are aimed at 3-7-year olds however just because you have a bubs younger doesn't mean you can't read these! I mean K is 10 months old and I read this to him daily! He loves it that much. Whilst at this moment in time he is loving just the sound of me reading and the soft colours of the illustrations when he gets older, I know he would be intrigued to follow the story and solve the mystery.

As this book is designed for older people, I have found it is perfect for nap times. Now a bit of a backstory, he doesn't really nap, however, I love reading this to him to wind down in the afternoon. He sometimes falls asleep on me which is an added bonus. The reason I find this perfect is because obviously, it is longer than your average baby books.

I personally love the idea this is going to be a series and Baby and Lion Dog solves mysteries whilst out on adventures. I can't wait for some more to be released to collect them all!

What are your favourite baby books?!