Bristol Aquarium : Somewhere Saturday

I hate to admit I have never been to Bristol Aquarium before, I have no idea why either. It is in a great location in the center of Bristol and even buses stop right outside.

This year is being spent dedicated to more things that you can do in this city. From restaurants, hotels, and attractions I want to discover everything this place has to offer. Yes, I am aware I have always lived in Bristol but I still think I have only discovered about 5% of the area.

Bristol Aquarium is an amazing attraction in the area, to be honest with you, I don't think I was expecting too much from the place. I mean once you've been to one aquarium you've been to them all right? Wrong!

We went on a Sunday as a perfect little family day out, just me, Mr. B and little man. If you all follow me on Snapchat you would have followed our little adventures that day but if you didn't, well you just missed out! I kid, I kid but you know what I mean.

To get to the aquarium we jumped on the bus and arrived within half hour. I still hate the fact the buses in Bristol are expensive and unreliable, that has to be the one thing that lets this whole city down! We stopped outside @Bristol and the aquarium is right next door on Anchor Road.
The staff there are some of the friendliest and most helpful about. On arriving we queued up to get our tickets and were quickly served. We were told all about the talks on today and what was going to be happening. I took a quick photo of the big TV screen which had all the talk times on so we could make sure we catch what ones we wanted. By now the only downside was little man decided to have a nap!
You go through a little cave type thing to get to the first display, I love, love, love the layout of the first section! It is like a sunken ship! You all know by now I work in travel and little novities like this are right up my street. Best of all it is not a small little replica, it's a full size/life size whatever you want to call it! Fitting for the local area with our pirate history, I mean Blackbeard would be proud of the ship. You know if it was in the waters and wasn't robbing another ship.

This is where you get to see all the sea life native to the area. There is everything from jellyfish to smoothhound sharks. The most unique thing about this whole display (yes, even more unique than the sunken ship) is the candy cane viewing display. I don't think I have seen something like before? We spent around half hour in this section alone, I love the fact the window was pretty much from the ceiling to the floor and slightly curved so you could see everything pottering around the tank. The whole tank is 2 stories and holds 350,000 liters of water.

After the sunken ship section, you go into the Bay of Rays, I think this whole area was my favourite. It's in the Urban Jungle and you can walk up the spiral path and look down on the rays! That being said there is one big bugger of a ray in there! It's huge, possibly the biggest one I have ever seen.

The Urban Jungle is in its own bio-dome, it kinda feels like you are in your own jungle. It has hundreds of different species in there which includes my favourite. Ferns that were about when Mr. T Rex was alive. Yes, I love dinosaurs and everything about them so this excited me! I found out when I was there, there is nothing else like this at any UK aquarium which is, well that's pretty jazzy let's be honest now.

Once you go up the path you then hit the Mighty Amazon and the Coral Sea sections, little man had just woke up by this point so was lush to see his face light up at the fishes. Especially one type!
There is also a Learning Lab by the Mighty Amazon display, however, let's be honest, little man is 10 months old he isn't going to be too interested in it when he's a bit older though I can't wait to take him back.

In the Mighty Amazon, they had some of the biggest fish I have ever seen, they were ridiculous! K absolutely loved them he was fascinated by them. His pram was the perfect height for this tank, we spent ages here. It was warm so K was happy and he loved watching the turtles pottering about in the new Turtle Bay.

Coral Seas is in the middle of the whole aquarium and 250 marine animals. K had some of his favorite fishes in here. The Sunday before we visited we spent the day watching films and Finding Dory was a winner, Of course, he was immediately drawn to 'Nemo' & 'Dory'. The colours here were so bright and engaging, no matter what age you would be drawn into the displays.

Oh, I totally forgot to say, there is a penny stretching machine! I collect these bad boys, and I have one from almost every place or attraction I have been. I am so happy these guys have one, my coin is now proudly in my penny collection book.

Back to the Coral Seas, there is the most amazing underwater viewing tank. Now I won't mention names but, in the autumn we went to another aquarium in the South West and well they had an underwater tank too. It was that dirty you couldn't see anything in there! This one was so clean you could see everything swimming above our heads. Once you are through the tunnel, there is another huge viewing window with some seats. We didn't really get to stay here long though, it was quite busy so with a pram we took up a lot of space.

The only downside to the whole aquarium is the cafe. I can not eat gluten and after enquiring about gluten free food, the only thing they could offer was a bag of crisps. We ended up spending £2.45 on one bottle of Oasis as I couldn't eat there Mr. B said we can go elsewhere.

This aquarium is definitely a gem to visit if you are a family or not. There is something for everyone, we ended up spending a good few hours in there taking in all the fishes! There are also loads of activities and talks included with the general admission. Recently they have a 'stock count' where you could go around and count all the fishes and coming up they even have 'real life mermaids' there which is sure to be amazing for anyone!

Photo credit goes to...Mr. B, the official family photographer.

What's the best aquarium you've ever been to?!

*Free admission was given in exchange for an honest review