Busy B Wedding Planner

I'm getting married next year! 2018 guys, next year! Granted it's in November 2018 and will be a destination wedding so won't be able to purchase the flight until this December but still. Planners gonna plan whether flights are out or not! 

The lovely guys over at Busy B sent me a beautiful wedding planner to review and I couldn't be happier! I love planning, I mean I have four different ones! I have my everyday Filofax, my blog planner, and my food planner. So happy I now have this fourth beautiful planner in my life! I also have a fifth planner but that stays at work so I'm not going to count that one.

This planner has made everything feel more real. I got engaged back in December 2015 on a bloody cold and windy day up in Edinburgh Castle, I think the planner would make such a unique Valentines Day gift if you wanted to propose you could wrap this up and get down on one knee or not! Mr. B never got down on one knee, there wasn't enough space! Also, I thought he was joking so he had to ask me to marry him twice. Whoops, my bad.

I have to say, I never even knew what I had to do to plan a wedding, this planner has it all. I love the fact it also has keepsake pockets inside so I can keep it forever, like the little hoarder I am. The colours of this are beautiful too, I love the ivory, silver and grey theme. Grey is really a colour I am loving lately. Hands up if you're excited about the new Grey film too! 

Once you open this planner, I felt a lot less overwhelmed. In my mind, like I said. I didn't know what to expect or how to start planning. Let alone a wedding abroad and a reception in the UK. This planner has a section for everything you need and all of a sudden I felt like I could do this. 

The first section is called getting started. It has a 12-month countdown which I will start filling in sooner than the 12 months It has handy key bullet points at the top and a breakdown of the weeks underneath. Organised heaven. There is also a section called 'Our Wedding Dy' which included who will be your witnesses and where the reception venue will be. There is also a notes section, who doesn't like taking notes and even a checklist. Two of my favourite things right there. Anyone else feel so satisfied ticking something off a list? To finish off this section there is an undated calendar so no matter when your wedding is you are sorted and also a budget planner.

Moving onto the second divider. Guests and stationery. This section doesn't have as much in, in terms of planning. You can write your guest list down as well as their address, email address, and phone number. What I love about this section is you can keep track of when you sent your invites, if they accepted and also a little check box to make sure you sent a thank you card. There is also a space to write the gift they got you. Once again there is a notes page and also a page to write about accommodation nearby if guests are traveling far. Finally, there is a stationery section where you can jot down about what you want your wedding invites & thank you cards to say. There is a clear folder at the end of this section where you can store stuff such as invite samples. 

Then you get the wardrobe section! I don't plan to fill this out for a while. I am on a mission to loose weight and get healthy. The first page of this section is all about the bride's measurements, so I am not writing my current measurements down! They will not be the same by the time dress shopping comes around. The next few pages are called inspirational ideas where I guess you can jot down what kind of dress you want. In my case two! I want a light general white dress for the beach wedding but an actual proper wedding dress for the reception. Then you have the grooms, maid of honor & bridesmaids then the best man and ushers measurements. Then you can write down all the shops you visited and the contact person etc. 

Next up we have the wedding day section. The most important part of this whole planner. Here is where you can keep on top of all the venues, food& drinks, flowers, music and everything in between. It has the trusted notes pages as well as a few more plastic wallets. It even has sections for the transport, and honeymoon which obviously we will be having before the reception! 

The fact this has space for the travel agents name in the honeymoon section makes me so happy. We are the guys who can make you have a trip of a lifetime! We are the guys who research every option to make sure your honeymoon is perfect and the ones who gets a bottle of champagne in your room as a gift. Honestly, we are there to help you, use us! We know the ins and outs you won't find online. 

Second from last, we have the gifts section. We won't be asking for gifts, so I doubt this would be used. We don't need anything, we don't want anything. We just want to celebrate with friends and family. However, if you are making a gift list, you can track the department stores and appointment times.
well as a page to write down things you want to consider as gifts. There is also a page of thank you gifts to organise.

Finally, we have the contacts and notes page. This section does exactly what you think. It has a list for you to put down any contacts you may have and also a few lined pages for notes. It also has one of those plastic wallets at the back to store things.

Throughout the planner, there is also little storage pouches on each the dividers so you will never lose anything and can always be organised. Just want to put this out there, everyone has their favourite pens to write with and I will be using mine just for this binder. Randomly my pens are 2 black ones, one advertising Lancaster in Pennsylvania and the other Springfield in Illinois, can you guess my job and my favourite country by any chance?!

Overall this planner is just everything I could have hoped for and more. I can not recommend this enough! 

Have you ever planned a wedding? What planner did you use?

* Contains PR samples