Edinburgh : Somewhere Saturday

So February is the month of love, what better Somewhere Saturday than Edinburgh. Depending on how much you follow me, you may or may not know, this is where Mr. B popped the question. Edinburgh was not how my normal trips go. I like to do everything and anything. When we traveled here I was pregnant, not heavily but still around the 6 months mark. I don't think I've ever written about my pregnancy so to sum it up. I was very tired on this trip so I couldn't do what I normally do!

That being said I have to admit something, I spent a lot of this trip being sick and asleep, so whilst I experienced a lot of what the city has to offer, taking photos was the last thing on my mind. That being said I have used stock photos in this post. I want to be honest with you guys!

We flew up from Bristol with Easyjet. I am a fan of Easyjet, I have to say. Ryanair on the other hand, well they are a bit iffy to say the least, It only takes an hour to get up to Scotland from here so it's a great short flight for weekends away.
The first thing we did here, was purchase some City Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off Tour tickets. These are generally the first things I purchase in a city I have never visited before. I personally think they are a great way to make sure you know all about the key things to see and where about they are. The bus tickets usually last between 24-72 hours and also give you discounts to local attractions.
Edinburgh is steep in history, just take the Palace of Holyrood House for example. This is the official residence of the Queen whilst in Scotland. Which means one thing. You know that other Queen who lived the life of a Hollywood movie. Well, she lived here too. You can hear all about Mary Queen of Scot's life she lived inside these walls. Who doesn't like a bit of lies, sex, and murder? They know how to do it in Scotland! 
We visited in winter so of course, a visit to the Christmas Market is a must. It was a little busy for me so it wasn't a long visit but just enough to see all the rides, visit the reindeer and the traditional stalls. The atmosphere in the market was amazing, you knew Christmas was on its way. George Street also turns into the Street of Light. It is breathtaking. 
The best attraction by far (and now because I  am biased) is the castle. I love castles and this is by far the best one I have visited. Not just because Mr. B had been walking around with a ring in his pocket all day. I loved the artwork dotted around and St Margaret's Chapple. They have cannons that go off, however, we weren't there when that happen. 
I should have really realised Mr. B had something planned. He let me do my make up for the day without moaning and even let me change my fake nails. At one point I was even leaning on my ring. In the castle, there was a man playing the traditional musically instruments from the past. It was raining and windy as, so it was cold but cosy snuggling up on the chairs in the hall listening to him. 
Did I mention we saw the Crown Jewels? The Crown Jewels guys, it's was pretty damn neat. Not gonna lie.

I am going to visit again and actually explore a bit more now little man has graced us with his presence so I am not falling asleep every two minutes!

Have you guys visited Edinbrugh, what do you recommend checking out next time?!