My Morning Routine ft Aspire Drinks

Mornings, oh how I hate you! I am not a morning person, I never have and never will. I will, however, jump at the chance of things to help me function in the morning. There are seriously not enough hours in a day. I need about 24 hours of sleep at night, at least.

I was kindly sent a bunch of goodies recently, these Aspire drinks were also in the package. Now, I used to drink coffee and red bulls on a daily basis and not in the recommended doses either. Hello, caffeine I love you!

I thought I would give you guys a quick look at my daily morning routine! I mean the first part is the same. Come rain or shine, work or not.

0600: I get woke up by the most annoying noise of an alarm which generally gets snoozed more times than I care to admit. Or, on the other hand, I get woke up to the sound of laughing over the monitor which is the opposite to annoying but still, K go back to sleep for another 30 minutes. At least. 
0615: Stumble out of bed and head straight to the fridge and grab an Aspire drink. These beauties are amazing. As you can all tell by now, I am following Slimming World and these are syn free! These are zero calories and zero sugar. It's a win-win situation. You can get them three flavours; apple and acai, cranberry and mango and lemonade which is my personal favourite. I used to drink a sugar free Red Bull daily, these Aspire green teas have replaced them. Yes, the sugar free Red Bull's are syn free, I am trying to make better and healthier judgments and these are a more healthy and natural energy so fit the bill perfectly. You can get these on Amazon, Tesco's and Holland & Barrett. 
0620: Sneek round the corner into little man's room, just to see his smile when he sees me! In the day he just wants daddy and he doesn't care for mumma bear. In the mornings though when he just wakes up he is all smiles and cuddles! I then change his nappy and make him a drink or num nums as he knows it as! 

0630: Little man sits in his high chair and feeds himself some milk and I jump in the shower then get ready for the day! I will do an updated skincare routine for you guys soon, think it's been a hot minute since I done the last one. I am trying to do use heat on my hair until I get the already damaged ends chopped off. 
0700: Make little man's food and then spend 20 minutes wrestling a spoon into his mouth. Standard.  

0740: Finally, the Furchester Hotel is on, K is distracted enough for me to go grab some breakfast, to be fair it's normally fruit and a yogurt, however, if K is being super good I can even crack out an omelet. Winning!  

0800: Play time! I generally get the Beatbo out for me and little man to have a little dance! Get in that body magic. 

So yeah, I don't have an adventurous morning, but cuddles with my tiny human makes everything worth it! That being said if I have work I have to do all this in about half the time. Generally forgoing the breakfast and obviously play time. 

Do you guys have a set routine?!

* Contains PR Samples