Shadow Switch

My coffee machine has broken so I just do not function so anything that helps speed me up in the mornings is a god sent.

Everyone knows to do a good eye look involved about 17 different brushes. Yes before you say anything I have slightly exaggerated that figure but it's a lot. It's not just like you can switch from a dark shade to light in 2 seconds. Shadow Switch by Beauty Essentials is a handy beauty tool which allows you to be able to switch between colours whilst using makeup brushes, be it a face, eye or whatever you like brush.

I  didn't really know what to expect with a dry brush cleaner. In my head, I was thinking it might be like one of those nail polish removing tubs, but then that has liquid in the sponge. This is actually dry.  You really can not make a mess with this, even better when you have a tiny human in tow who likes to grab anything in sight.

It is basically a sponge in a tin which is the best and worst way to describe it. I mean it sounds simple but it is the most useful item I think I own in my makeup collection. It comes in a compact tin so easy to store and the course sponge really does get the remaining product off my brushes ready to be reused. Don't get me wrong this does not completely clean your brushes, you still need to do this regularly. But it does shave precious minutes off my makeup routine.

I do believe this is their old packaging and it is currently going under a bit of a makeover. I did have a picture of the new designs but I can't seem to find it! In other words, I think Mr. B has thrown it away! The newer designs look bright and colourful and really appealing if I am honest with you.

In my mind I feel this product is gimmicky, it's a sponge in a tin and even Mr. B is asking why do I have a random sponge in a tin. I did explain it to him but he insists I could just make it at home myself, which I can't argue with.

The other thing I can argue with is the fact this works! It literally does exactly what it says on the tin. It costs £5.99 and can be purchased on Amazon. People pay for convenience and products that work so once again that is ticking all the boxes.

Despite me thinking this is a bit of a gimmick, I would actually repurchase this. For traveling this is going to be amazing! You can take minimal brushes with you and still be able to create all the makeup looks you could think of. I really want to try out some more items in their line!

What do you think of dry brush cleaners?!

* Contains PR samples