Valentine's Day Gift Guide

We are not one to celebrate Valentine's day, I mean Mr. B has brought me flowers and wine each year, we never really celebrate it. You know what I mean?

I'm sure this is going to come across as a random post as I decided to do a gift guide, but you know even if I am not one for celebrating doesn't mean you aren't so here are some ideas!

BuddyBox £21.50
Right this one is first because I need to confess something, my post is up a little too late to get the February but I really love the idea of the surprise boxes in the post so you know, you can make the other half feel special in March. To be fair sure everyone feels special daily!
Buddy Box gets delivered to your door and is full of 5 items designed to promote people to relax and unwind. Who wouldn't want that? You can get this as a subscription or as a one off so perfect for gift giving.
Theater Shows from £17.90 
I love the theater, I don't go to it enough and to be honest, now as little man is so young, I won't be going anytime soon. I have two shows I've picked out for the guide, one local and one in London.
Evita is showing at Bristol Hippodrome and the tickets start from £17.90.  We all know the song Don't Cry For Me Argentina and this is where the song comes from! It follows the wife of the former Argentine dictator Juan Peron, Eva Peron. You can get tickets here
The next show is Dirty Great Love Story showing at the Arts Theatre in London, ticket prices start from £20.90. This is a completely different type of show. This is more of a comedy of modern romance. Buy tickets here
I think this is such a good gift, it was even shortlisted as a gift of the year in 2015. If you are already engaged or even planning to on the big V-day, this is such a beautiful planner so would be a great gift! I have already written a review about this so go check it out here 
Wine and Chocolate 
I am a huge wine fan, like I am 50% wine and 50% coffee. I don't think you could ever go wrong with wine and chocolates. I am by no means a wine conossuir, I like what I like. I can't tell you all the different flavours or what it goes with I can just say it's nice! Currently, there is an offer on a bottle of  Campo Viejo Rioja Tempranillo at Sainsbury's and also a bottle of Called'Oro Prosecco at Waitrose. Chocolate wise I love Ferrero Rocher, however, I haven't been able to eat them since finding out I was sensitive to gluten! These little Green & Black Mini's are perfect!

I don't know about you I find it bloody hard to find a gift for men, mainly because Mr. B never wants or needs anything so that makes things 100 times worse. I've tried to pull a few gifts together for the men in your life!

Perfect for the man who doesn't celebrate valentines day! This G&T set has 4 tonics paired with 4 premium gins. Who doesn't love a gin! 
These are available throughout the country, you can get various ones from one car test drives up to four maybe even more? If your guys is too macho for V-day, I actually think this would change his mind. You can find these online or as in true Chels fashion go check out your local independent travel agents.You'll be surprised what we can actually source! 
Meal Out 
Why not take your girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife out for a meal at their favourite restaurant. I mean most people kinda expect a meal out from their significent other, reverse the roles, you take them out! You might even catch them off guard. I just happen to love Mexican food hence the photo of the chips & guac. Although could easily be swayed with an Indian too!
Have you guys got plans for Valentine's Day?!