Caring For Your Babies Eczema Prone Skin With Water Wipes

I always have known a babies skin is sensitive which is why I have always used sensitive baby wipes. I never looked any sort of ingredients, I just always looked at packets to make sure they said sensitive.

I can't even remember what wet wipes we used in hospital, I have a feeling they were Johnsons but who knows. Well, it turns out K had eczema. He gets it all over the place and after a trip to the doctors we were prescribed some Epimax cream and advised to not use anything else on his skin. Just water and cotton wool. 

We've recently been sent some Waterwipes* to try out and I wished we tried them sooner. They are the best wet wipes I have ever used on him. I may have also stolen a few to get rid of the eye makeup too!

They are basically cotton and water too, I mean they literally made of 99.9% water and that 0.1% is just grapefruit seed extract. No chemicals, no nothing. 

Since using them we have noticed little man's skin doesn;t seem as red and sore as normal. He has been bathing in just water in the evenings and he was still getting the sore dry eczema patches. Not as much anymore! 

The Waterwipes have been an amazing find, and they are often found on Amazon on offer. Shout out to all the other bulk buying mums! I feel ya.

Here are my top five tips for caring for a baby with eczema prone skin
  •  Water Wipes solve all. Nappy changes, Water Wipes. Sticky fingers Water Wipes, dried yogurt on their face, Water Wipes. Broken leg? Water Wipes/ One quick sweep and everything has been restored and all faith has returned.
  • Speak to a doctor! Sometimes you will need to use steroid creams and strong moisturisers. It will help in the long run, as much as you may not want to use medication on your child. Having them scratch their dry skin is 10 times worse.
  • Don't use bubble bath. You may think you need to use lots of bubbles to make bath time fun but you don't. In K's case, even the most natural and sensitive baby bath can dry his skin out. We have stopped using anything and just bath him in clean warm water and his skin is clearing. If you do get emollient prescribed from the doctor definitely give it a try, I am on about shop bought bubbles!
  • Dry between their fingers and toes. I am not going to lie I wasn't the best at keeping on top of this. Cotton buds are the best for drying in the nooks and crannies. Especially look out when you're are at the teething stage. The amount of time they put their hands in their mouth and, the longer they wave them about wet the more they dry out. It is a never ending cycle! I know you guys would know that but I never clicked on for a while of why his hands were bad.
  • Lastly, we have some clothes. Cotton clothes are more breathable than synthetic so won't make your baby too warm. This means during the night light layers are key, you can always add more or remove some to keep your baby cool. On the plus side, another excuse to go shopping!
I'm not the only one thinking these wipes are the best, just go check out GeorginaKirsty, Rachel  & Katie

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