February Glossybox

Guys, guys, guys. You are going to be shocked. I didn't think much of this months box! I think this is probably the first time since subscribing I think the box is a bit meh.  The theme this month is all about love, well it was February!

I know I normally do the whole, first impressions post followed by an update, but I am planning on changing it up. I've decided I'm going to just do one post at the end of the month with what I think. There may be a video embedded in the post with my first thoughts, but that is still up for a debate.

Jeanne Arthes L'Eau de Rose

I love a perfume, however, this is so florally and sweet I find this a bit too overbearing for me to wear. I am more of a masculine (not too much mind) perfume kinda gal. This isn't awful if you like flower scents especially of the rose kind you will like this. Most likely love this perfume. It's just not for me. This was a full sized bottle so that was value for money with this box straight away. I think this is exclusive to Glossybox so I will try to find a purchase link and added to this post if I can.

LA Theorie Des Volcans Noir Eternae Youth Potion Face Scrub
Purchase here £26
Yeah don't even ask me how to pronounce this, but yet again it is a full sized product. Glossybox is pretty good at sending out full sized stuff. This face scrub is one of my favourite products in the whole box. It's a pink mask and it turns grey when it works. It removes all the dead skin and impurities, which will always be a winner in my books. My skin is my biggest flaw. My skin's texture seems to have smoothed out after using this, the texture on my cheeks. God help me! This has helped improve the look of it though.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Strength Restorer Balm 
Purchase here £4.49
What is with the long product names in this box?! A mouthful or what. This was a one use sample hair mask. My hair is in current need of a much overdue haircut and the ends are horrendous. It is split end central and breaks like a dream, well I mean nightmare but you know it's the same thing. I already use a hair mask about once a week, if I remember. I am just a bit neglectful with my hair so I am currently trying to change that. I did like this but I haven't blown away. It smelt lovely and made my hair super soft, I just didn't see much difference to my hair. I don't know if this is a product you need to use a few times to see a difference. I'm just not feeling having to buy the full sized tub, just in case I don't like it!

Ciate London Paint Pot
Shade: Iced Frappe
Purchase here £9
This is a beautiful colour, Ciate also kills it with their packaging. I have a nail varnish stand which is hiding out the way but these bottles look so pretty they could just stand on the vanity. I haven't used this yet you all know I love my falsies and I have a huge batch of ready painted ones. I have a few Ciate polish already I find they wear well without chipping. 

Me Me Me Beat The Blues
Shade: Oyster Gold
Purchase here £7.25
Who doesn't like a highlighter?! You can mix this in with your foundation to give your skin more of an illuminating finish however to all my oily skin girls out there. You may want to skip that step and keep it as just a simple highlight. It is a gorgeous gold shade which I have been using daily. It's pretty surprising really as I don't tend to sway towards the gold shades. I just feel like they show off my blackheads more than other shades. And yes, I do get blackheads on my cheek bones, No, I don't know what that is all about. This wears well too. 

There were some good finds in this month's box, the highlighter, nail varnish and face mask have to be my favourite products. 4 out of the 5 products were full sized which together costs £62.25 so considering this box costs £10 plus postage and packing, a total bargain if you ask me.

What's your favourite subscription box?!