Hey There!

Remember me?! No? Yeah, I don't blame you! I have been having a nightmare with my internet lately so everything has been on hold and I have missed you guys! 

I'm sure you have all noticed as well In The City Today is no more! I decided to change my blog name after a year, my domain was due to expire and decided to change so I bit the bullet and changed it all. It's an old nickname of mine CeCe and most people spell Chelsey with an 'A'  so went with the nickname.

Anyway, my internet is back up and running for now but on a brighter note I only have 4 months left on my current contract so will be switching providers to someone hopefully more reliable. 

How have you all been? I hope you have been having an amazing few weeks! 

I am back in the swing of everything so just wanted to let you guys know I am back in action