What I Eat in a Day : Slimming World

So yeah, the Slimming World journey is going pretty damn good. The pounds are slowly but surely disappearing and the wedding diet is in full swing. Woo hoo,

Shamless plug I think my Slimming World Instagram has something to do with the fact I am sticking to it! I've even brought a couple of size 14 dresses to be a mid point so working to it into them. 

I really like the 'What I Eat in a Day' videos and as I blog I thought I'll do a post version. Now just to point out if you read my last recipe you will know my cooking skills are basic, to say the least. I would love to be able to cook like Gordan Ramsay but I can't so basic and quick are my favourite things.

This is also based on a day where I don't have work otherwise breakfast would be a coffee to go!


I need to start my day with some form of caffeine in the form of a coffee with part of my healthy extra A or an Aspire drink, sometimes both depending on how well K slept the night before.
Next up I cook an omelette, I love omelettes and generally cook it with two eggs, peppers, tomatoes, onions, and bacon. I throw in some habanero flakes too. Yummy and filling.
Syn Free
1L of water over the next two hours 


Aspire drink. I needed a pick me up and these are my now go to drinks. After getting sent some in a PR package I went and stocked up from Tescos as I loved them so much.
Syn Free
1L of water over the next three hours


I have been loving a simple tuna and bean salad. I have been using these Cirio cannellini beans lately and loving them. Convenience food at it''s finest, I literally just throw them in with the tuna mix it about and throw it on chopped salad veg. Quick and easy, perfect.
Syn Free

1L of water over the next three hours


I have a go to 10 minute meal. It's not fancy and looks plain as but to me tastes so good and it reminds me of pizza. Winner right there. I just simply cook up some frozen veggies, slice a bit of chicken stuff it with my healthy extra A which has to be cheddar with some Supercirio double concentrated tomato puree which by the way guys, is the handiest thing to have in your cupboard! I throw it in the Mr. George Foreman and it's done in under 10 minutes. 
Syn Free 

And there you have it! Currently 12 pounds down on my wedding diet. Well actually trying to change my lifestyle rather than sticking to a diet. 

*Contains PR Samples