Birchbox March Edition

I'm gonna say it I am not a fan of this months box either! I know you should expect full sized products in subscription boxes but I am used to Glossybox where you tend to get 2 or more each month. I mean I even got a Beauty Blender with my first Birchbox and standards have always just been slipping.

I hate to 'bad mouth' a company, I mean they aren't that bad but I just feel like Birchbox isn't what it used to be. It does, however, have the best reward scheme with the point system you can spend them on whatever you want in the shop. I just wish their standards were back up to when I fell in love with them.

Batiste 2 in 1
Scent: Vanilla & Passionflower
I am a huge fan of Batiste, I have seen loads of dry shampoos with ridiculously high price tags but I always will come running back to Batiste. I believe this is a newer launch but don't quote me. This smells so good it has a vanilla and passion flower scent which I think is my new favourite. Not only does this absorb all the oil at the roots but also conditions your hair at the same time. I keep this little bottle in my work bag as it is a handy size for the midday refresh. I love how this also gives your hair volume. I have actually repurchased this in full size so this was a handy sample.

Korres Shower Gel
Scent: Santorini Vine

Ok, I love the scent of this shower gel, I am a huge wino to begin with and shower gel that smells like vineyards? Well, that is my kinda shower gel. However £8 for a shower gel? I can not justify spending that when I can pick up one from the supermarket for an eighth of that price! This does what it says on the tin, it cleans you and you smell good after. Happy CeCe.

Marcelle Gentle Make Up Remover
I am undecided if I like this or not! It is designed for sensitive eyes which is perfect and it takes off all your makeup. The darkest black eyeliner, the waterproof mascara, none of these are an issue with this makeup remover so you know it's 10/10 for that. My problem is I hated the feel of this on my skin. You shake the bottle, saturate a cotton pad wipe off your makeup then wash it off. It's the feel in between the taking makeup off and washing the face. It feels so greasy and oily on my skin and I hate it. I have oily enough skin and the feeling does go away once you've washed the product off but I just can't get passed it, so I think this will be no from me but I'm still going to finish the sample.

Balance Me Instant Lift Primer
I am a fan of Balance Me products, this I really like to but I hate the fragrance. I know I am fussy. This minimises pores, plumps fine lines and also give your skin a smoother appearance. I do love how my skin looks when I apply foundation, however, this primer is a little tacky so some might not like it. I don't think I would repurchase this though as I am loyal to my Benefit Porefessional. It is a bit more expensive at £26 but you do also get 22ml of product rather than the 15ml for £22 with this one

Benefit They're Real Double The Lip Lipstick
Shade: Lusty Rose
I don't see the point in this lipstick! It's a lovely shade, great for every day but I feel like it's trying to solve a problem that was never there to begin with. I don't mind just grabbing a lipliner to match my lipstick. The formula isn't groundbreaking and it wore off pretty quickly. I thought it was a generous sample size until I realised you need to reapply it so much. I think I'll just stick to my liner and lipstick separately, thank you!

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