Recently Watching

It has been a hot minute since I wrote a recently watched post. It was back in October and let me tell you something. I have done hella lot of Netflix binging. I have an addicted personality if that is even a thing? If I like something I will watch it nonstop, kind of like Candy Crush, once I start playing it again I can't stop. 

I have watched both seasons of this in the space of around 2 weeks. If I am honest it isn't even that good but I couldn't help bingeing on this! I'm thinking it's because Scream was one of the first 'scary' movies I watched. I thought it was scary mind, I think I was around 10/11 and watched it late at night when my parents thought I was asleep. It's kind of a bit of nostalgia for me. 

13 Reasons Why 
I loved this book and was so excited when I heard it was being made into a series. Even after reading the book, I was not emotionally prepared for this show. It lived up to all my expectations and then some. I am not someone who is overly emotional when it comes to TV shows but this! Oh my days, so many feels. 

This isn't new I am well aware of that but I seriously love him. This is one of the few series I can watch again and again and not grow bored of it. Sorry Mr. B I think I may be a little bit in love with a serial killer. 

Alright, I know this isn't a Netflix binge but it's back! I love Masterchef, Mr. B and I watch this every year, the amateurs, professionals and the celebrity version. You can't beat a good cookery show and a buttery biscuit base.