The Burger Joint Bristol : Somewhere Saturday

Do you know how many burger places there are in Bristol? I don't know the exact number myself but I'm going to throw it out there, it's a lot.  However I think, I think I may of discovered the best burger in Bristol, maybe even in my life?!

I used to love a good burger, let's be honest the dirtier the better. Since finding out I am sensitive to gluten long gone were my burger days. It was a devastating day, I am not going to lie to you. What am I meant to cook on a BBQ now?!

Anyway skip forward a bit an invitation was sent out to see if any local bloggers wanted to try out The Burger Joint. They had a new menu. I didn't really look into too much, burger? Bread bun? Everything I can't eat. I looked at their menu on a whim one day and when I was browsing I saw the best words ever. Gluten Free. I was now all over this burger place.

If you follow me on Snap, you would have seen my quest for the longed for a burger.

The Burger Joint has graced Bristol with their presence since 2009 and now there are 3 restaurants in Clifton, Bedminster and Fishponds.

I visited the Clifton branch and was originally going to go as a family, me Mr B and K. I was quite surprised they catered for babies if I am honest. I wasn't expecting them too but they had high chairs the lot. On the day we went a last minute babysitter stepped up and me and Mr B went as a date. Had to be done.
Let's get to the good stuff. We all have different ideas on what makes the perfect burger. Some liken a brioche bun some like a good relish. Here you can actually make your own burger and there is over 60 local ingredients to choose from, so no matter what the burger debate is you can make it your way.

I have never ordered a burger in the way I did here, you got your own little sheet of paper where you tick off what you want. Everything is made fresh to order with exactly the ingredients you chose. 
I choose the gluten free bun, 6oz prime beef patty topped with pulled pork with monterey jack cheese. Heaven. I also then had a side order of sweet potato chips and burger relish. Mr. B went for the chicken burger with smoked streaky bacon with smoked cheddar, a whole load of smoke in the best looking brioche bun I have ever seen. He opted for just the standard thick cut chips, although they tasted anything other than standard with some BBQ sauce.
I absolutely demolished my burger with a gluten free beer, It was perfect for a Sunday afternoon, Mr. B loved his too. The burgers were cooked to perfection - medium well. They are spot on with their health and safety. They advised us they can't cook to the burgers rare due to the fact it's mince meat so yeah.
I loved the atmosphere here, it's a little dark and closed together but it felt so cosy and warm. Just like everyone who was sat at a table was a friend. There was music memorabilia up on all the walls, did you know Bob Dillon once performed for £3. Great music was playing too. 
I have already been back here since as trust me, it is the best burger in Bristol, a solid 10/10. What more could you want? 
Great location? Check
Good atmosphere? Check. 
Great Prices? Check. 
Making a burger as dirty as you want it? Check

The only thing I will say is when I asked what was gluten free for desert, because who wouldn't want a pudding? I was told they only had ice cream. Don't get me wrong it was good ice cream, but sat opposite someone eating a fat chocolate brownie, was slightly hard.
Happy chowing people, you won't regret this!

*We did receive this meal free in exchange for an honest review