280 Bakes : About The Company

Last week I posted about the most amazing cupcakes I have ever tried, they were lovingly backed by 280 Bakes. A local company in Bristol ran by the lovely Louise. They bake and delivers the deliciousness to your door in the Bristol area including Portishead.

280 Bakes specialises in vegan cakes, which although as I mentioned in my previous post, I don't follow a vegan lifestyle, it's great to see how many vegan friendly products are now being introduced. Being a coeliac I know the struggles of trying to find food to fit into your diets, Louise has hit the nail on the head with catering for those who make conscious choices about their diets but also love a good slice of cake.

#CakeOD is a great idea, that everyone can get behind. Contact 280 Bakes order their amazing looking cakes and get them delivered to your door the same day. Hello, boss? Yeah, I'll like to make cake Friday a thing. It's a choice of 6 cakes which all are guaranteed the same day delivery. I'll take 6 to go then.

 I will definitely be buying the chocolate peanut butter cake next, although there may be a little wait for this. My wedding diet is going horrendously!  It is one of their best sellers so that makes me even more excited to try it! It is actually a dilema. Cake or diet?!

They also have an award-winning cake. An award guys! A local one too which are the best kind. Their Fairtrade banana cake has won a Bristol Fairtrade Award! I haven't tried that cake but you know, if it has an award you know it's gonna be good.

The team over at 280 Bakes specialise in vegan baking as over 65% of their customers are vegan! Which as you all know by now I'm not but seriously, I didn't know vegan food tasted so good! I just kind of thought it literally leaves they could eat. So uneducated Cece. That being said, they haven't forgotten about us gluten free babes and just anyone who follows a standard diet with no dietary requirements.

You can check out their website here and go give them a follow on their social media below!