Birchbox: April Edition

Remember I said Birchbox had the best reward scheme, well they are changing that which sucks but in other news I received 2 full sized products this month!? Say what. I would say it's more of 1 and a half full sized products...no shade but this was actually a pretty decent box this month so should out to Birchbox, feel like they upped their game this month! Fingers crossed they keep it up

Nip + Fab Colour Corrector
So yeah, since when has Nip + Fab had a cosmetic line?! Either way, this is amazing and has made it into my daily routine. I have a fair few red patches on my face, just one of the joys of the acne-prone mess, I like to call my face. This neutralised the redness beautifully! Once I put my foundation on top, I don't get that greeny tone to my skin I have had with green concealers before. It wears well throughout the day too so this was such a big hit for me this month. 

Baija Paris Creme Moana in Fleur de Tiare
Guys, if you want straight up holiday in a bottle this is it. It smells so good it's unreal. It does an ok job, it's not the best and not the worst but I'm not even mad it smells that good. It absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn't leave that horrible sticky residue you get from some moisturisers. I have generally used this on my legs and elbows as that is where my skin is the driest and I honestly smell like an Hawaiian Island for the day. 

Manna Kadar Cosmetics High Definition Powder
I can't help at laugh at how this powder is full sized. This is definitely an under eye powder mainly because you can't bloody fit a nice fluffy powder brush into the pan. That being said I don't think I would even use this to set my face. It leaves a kind of white cast on my face so it's better for under my eyes to help brighten them for the fact sleep is a thing of the past. It is smooth to the touch which I like but I wouldn't buy this ever! It's £24 for 0.105oz which is only 2.9g! You can get a 10g Rimmel powder for £3.99 and it does the same thing

Polaar IcePure Gentle Scrub
This is only the second product I have tried from Polaar but I haven't been disappointed by them yet. They do my favorite lip balm and now I think my favourite scrub! It strips the dead skin cells of but in a gentle way. I think this smells so good too. Normally I find a lot of scrubs strip away all the natural oils which although I moan about my oily skin you still need. This didn't strip anything apart dead skin and I have noticed I haven't had as many blackheads as I normally get, so you know, win, win!

Parlor Volumizing Lifting Spray
I didn't like this! I can't remember ever liking this brand and I honestly don't think I ever will! It weighed my hair down rather than lifting it and smells horrendous. I don't know if it's my hair type which just doesn't agree with this brand but yeah huge fail for me!