Glossybox : April Edition

 Can you believe it's May already?! It's crazy how fast this year is going! This month's Glossybox was all about beauty on the go, handy as the summer travelling season is now in full swing so finding products that are multi-use and travel friendly are perfect.

That being said this months box was a mixed bag, I say mixed bag but it was just awful. I liked one product out of 5. I normally adore my Glossybox but something went horribly wrong here! 

Elgon Deliwash Haircare Cleansing Conditioner
 You all know I am picky when it comes to my hair, it's extremely oily to the point I have to wash it daily and I have psoriasis on my scalp so anything that irritates it flakes it all up and makes it worse. I have used this once and only once so I may not be giving it a fair shot, but once was enough for me. I hated it. Simple as. I am not convinced by the 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners as they never seem to actually clean my hair. This is the same! I found it highly fragranced which is why I think it may have made my psoriasis even worse, to the point I was itching my head so much I now have a million and one small cuts all over the place. That alone is enough for me to say, would not buy this ever!

SportFX Makeup Brush
Duo Ended 
I am not a fan of this brush! When I saw this in this months box I thought, get in this looks perfect!  Buff foundation in on one end and dust on powder on the other side. It was going to live in my makeup bag, save space and just be the best thing since sliced bread. It's not. The powder brush is ok, does the job but the buffing side is awful. It's not stiff enough for me, it doesn't even blend well. It just sorts of moves the foundation around my face rather than blend it in. This is a huge fail for me!

Merci Handy 
You can never go wrong with a good hand gel. I have used this every day, no lie. It is on my vanity and is the first thing I pick up to do my makeup, always have to start with clean hands. I don't have too much to say about this only because how much can you actually say about an anti-bacterial gel?! It absorbs fast, doesn't have that nasty anti bac smell and does the job.

Model Co Contour Stick
I am not sure I like this. After using it almost daily to try and figure out if I like it, I'm still not sure so guess it's safe to say, I'm not a fan. It's more of the colour that lets this whole product down for me. I prefer a more cool tone contour as you know, I'm pale as so it's just personal preference. It does blend out beautifully and I am going to keep hold of this as it may work when I get a tan. It holds up throughout the day too.

Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL
This was another dud for me this month, sorry Rodial. I mean if a mascara says XXL, girl I am expecting to not wear my falsies. This done nothing to my lashes nothing. I'm not even a fan of the brush. It's a decent black though silver lining? I have tried their eyeliner too back in September and again I didn't like it. They aren't winning me with their eye products and I would be gutted if I actually paid full prices for them as they are up there in the price bracket!