Rate It Or Slate It : April

Where the hell is this year going? Can you believe we are in May already?! Summer is within reach and I can not wait. Anyway here is my Rate It Or Slate It for the month of April to be honest it isn't loads but we shall go with it!

Rate It 

L'oreal Color Riche Lipstick 
633 - Moka Chic
I bought this on a whim, I forgot I had a work training evening and didn't have any lipstick so went to Boots and L'oreal had a 3 for 2 on. This has been in my work bag ever since I use it every time I am in work. The colour is perfect and goes with whatever make up I have on. It is the perfect everyday shade. 

I have a whole post coming up about this so just to keep it short and sweet. This is the funniest exercise I think I have ever done and it honestly brings out my inner 16 year old American self. I have no shame.

Nip & Fab Colour Corrector Concealer
If you read my April Birchbox Update you will know I have loved this since I first tried it. I have been using this daily and I just adore it. It hides my redness beautifully and wears well throughout the day. Most importantly it doesn't show up through my foundation like previous colour corrector concealers I have tried. It doesn't matter if I am wearing high end or drugstore foundation it just works.

Slate It

L'oreal Color Riche Lipstick
255 - Blush In Plum
Obviously, I picked this up in the 3 for 2. It looked like such a nice purple colour but they had no testers so I picked it up hoping it was as pretty as it was one the tube but nope. The colour didn't translate on the lips. The gorgeous shimmery lilac which was on the sticker just looked like a hot mess on my lips so I haven't reached for this since.

Fake Me Fake Tan
I love a tan, just like most people. You get some really good budget friendly fake tans nowadays, just like St Moriz and Cocoa Brown. This, however, is not one of those finds. This is just straight up orange in a tube It's streaky and bright bloody orange enough said.