Birchbox : May Edition

Oh, what's this Birchbox, yet another full sized product?! Kind of feel like I am actually getting my money's worth now! Also, bonus points for the gorgeous marble and rose gold detailed box. I am thinking of keeping this on my vanity. It's too pretty to get rid off.
Marsk Mineral Eye Shadow
Fifty Shades
I'm not the biggest fan of mineral eyeshadow only because I am a spiller so it's a bit of a nightmare. This Marsk eyeshadow is a gorgeous colour for an evening smoky eye. You can use this wet or dry but my favourite by far is spraying your makeup brush with something such as Mac's Fix + first as the colour is so intense and gorgeous. I haven't worn this a great deal this month as I've had nowhere to be to justify the smokey eye, just don't think popping to local Co-Op is a good enough reason to actually put the effort in! That being said when I have tried it I highly recommend a primer as it just applies more smoothly and the wear time is incredible. It is the most perfect shade of deep gray with the finest silver glitter running through it
Doucce Punk Volumizer Mascara
Travel sized mascaras are my favourite! I have said it before but when I have a full sized tube it dries out before I have finished it as I have so many on the go. This mascara isn't going to be for everyone, if you don't work quickly or if you apply too many layers it does turn clumpy. I love the look this gives my top lashes, it does look like they are a great pair of falsies. The downside to this mascara is, it flakes quite badly so if you are out for the day it's not going to be the best choice but I still really liked this. The brush is huge though! I genuinely thought I may have gouged my eyeball out whilst using it when I am half asleep in the mornings.
Benefit The POREfessional: Matte Rescue
Guys, Please tweet me if I am doing something wrong with this! I am dying to love it, just like I do the original but I just can't even. I don't see a dramatic difference in the appearance of my pores and the oil. Oh my days, I could open a chip shop! My T-zone seems to just go into overload when I use this! No matter what foundation I use. I honestly don't know if I am doing something wrong or not! I am just pressing this in where my pores are most visible around the T-zone then applying my makeup as normal. It's just not working for me! Help! The original balm formula is my holy grail, so I just have no idea why this went so horribly wrong!

Kueshi Hair Mask Shine & Volume 
This has never been used by myself. I have passed it on to my mum. Long story short, the psoriasis on my scalp is flaring up so I'm not using anything new on my hair for the time being until it calms down. I literally have nothing to say on this! I honestly hate getting hair products samples in the sub boxes as I can barely use any and I am pretty sure the flare up is from when I used the Palour lifting spray from last months box. You can read about that here but *spoiler* I didn't like it, shockingly 

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Primer 
This is the first OCC product I have ever tried! I heard about this brand way back in the day when I watched What Style Is To Nickel on YouTube about 5 years ago so yeah, late on the bandwagon on this. It says you can you this as a balm and a primer but to be fair I've just been priming my lips with this before a matte liquid lip. It is so hydrating on the lips, any liquid lipstick, so I have been loving wearing them again and that is due to this bad boy!

Finally just a shout out to Birchbox for this beautiful box!

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