Glossybox : May Edition

Well, Glossybox was a bit, well a lot of a disappointment this much. I just didn't really feel any of the products this month! To be fair, the last few months have been hit & miss, hoping next months box picks up again!

Scrub Love
I love a good scrub, I mean who doesn't want baby soft skin! I hadn't heard of this brand before now and I am in love! I have been using a daily moisturising fake tan at the moment so always like to scrub my skin, well I like doing it anyway but now more than ever. I loved how this is in a resealable bag rather than your standard tub as they just piss me off if I'm honest. I drop the lid or pot and the inside gets wet so ruins the product, I haven't had this trouble yet with this design. My skin is so much smoother after I use it and I love the grittiness to really exfoliate especially around the elbows and knees as I always have dry skin around there.

Ruby Blush
This was the first of the disappointment of the whole box! I love the colour of this, it is the most beautiful coral I have in my collection. It swatched lovely as well but my issue is I couldn't get it to blend out evenly on my face. It was a bit of a nightmare. The packaging just felt a bit cheap to me for the price point £12.80 ish. The logo on the front wore off throughout the month. I would personally say this blush is a pass but definitely look out for their brushes! I love them and they are brilliant and affordable!

This is the second disappointment in the box! This pencil has such a precise triangular tip one end and a spooley on the other. The spooley side is amazing, I use it daily, it's firm and doesn't bend so distributes the product perfectly. The pencil side is a great shade for my eyebrows but it is just so damn hard I couldn't work with it. I know people who prefer the harder pencils but considering I can't do my eyebrows as it is, this just isn't for me. I'll just stick to my pomade. 
Not sure why I only took bad photos of this!

Dr Paw Paw
This is the second time I've had this in a subscription box. That isn't a bad thing my any means. This is a one-stop shop product that can be used for dry skin, to taming fly away hairs. I have used this mainly on my elbows as they do get dry and horrible so it really helps keep them soft. I also use it as a lip balm. This stays in my works makeup bag so I always have it on hand! A little goes a long way so this tube will last you ages!

Lavera Hand & Nail Cream 
I feel like I overlooked this, to begin with. It was just a hand cream but after using this day and night, my hands are so smooth to the touch and super soft. The only thing that is putting me off purchasing the full sized product is the fact it's not readily available. I haven't seen it about and never heard of Lavera before so I just think I would pick up any hand cream that's in store. It smells so fresh as well and absorbs into the skin quickly which is what I like!

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