Top 3 Health & Fitness Apps | Wedding Series

There is just 17 months until I get married. Since working that out I am now breaking out in a sweat. 18 months isn't that long. This post is coming to me at a good time then as I started to slack on the weight loss front. I have pretty much stopped losing weight, granted I am not gaining but I am just stuck.

I thought I would share with you my top 3 apps that I use to keep me on track. Although I may have stopped losing at the moment, I'm not gaining which I am putting down to using these apps still, they are kind of keeping me in line still.

Slimming World
So yeah I am doing Slimming World, that is no secret. It is by far the best 'diet' I have ever done mainly as it isn't a diet. Yes. I am doing that cliche. It is a lifestyle change. I am naturally going for syn free snacks over a bar of chocolate bars and all that. This app is so handy as you can search syn values on the go. There is also a recipe section so there are loads of ideas on it for when you are stuck with what to cook, or what Mr. B cooks in my case. There is also a My Profile section which shows your own weight loss chart and current weight. I always find this helps me stay on track as I can see how well I have so far so don't want to undo all my hard work.

My Fitness Pal
I'm sure you would of all heard about this app by now. I think it's one of the most popular on the Apple App Store under the health section. This tracks your calories which is the complete opposite of what Slimming World is about but I just ignore that part of it and use it to track what I am actually eating. Just like the Slimming World app, you can track your weight with weekly weigh ins and you can see on the graph your weight just go down. There are forums on the app too, where you can interact with all the other users where you can share recipes and exercise ideas. There is also challenges you can take part in too. Such as monthly Biggest Losers all of which helps me stay motivated and on track. I tend to track everything at the end of the day which isn't the best but it still keeps me motivated to continue you with the weight loss and I am slowly getting into the habit of logging as I go

Sweat Coin
This is one of the newer apps I have found and I am loving it so far. The idea behind it is you earn 'Sweat Coins' for every step you take. The more you walk the more you earn. You can then trade in your Sweat Coins for goodies either with a high discount or free and you just need to pay for delivery. The one 'catch' with this is that you need to actually go outside! Walking around inside your house doesn't count. So it's not even a catch really, just means you go outside for walks. The rewards you get change often and currently on offer are some Wraps Headphones, Forza Fitness Fat Absorption Blockers and even an Elvie Pelvic Exerciser which is work £150! As you ou can see here that I haven't done that many steps today as it was 34 degrees so I haven't been going on my normal longer walks so Tiny Human can stay inside in the cool, but it is still an amazing app to have on your phone!