Birchbox | June

Birchbox are slaying it with their bags/boxes past couple of month! In June you could of chose the bag design, but I can never be bothered to actually to pick so just get what I get sent.

MeechNMia Brow Liner
This is heaps better than the last eyebrow pencil I got sent, it's not as hard you can't get any pigment off it, but it's not soo creamy it runs down your face. If there is one thing I can't do with makeup (and there are about a million things), I can not fill in my brows. No matter how hard I try, they just look redic. This pencil is quite nice, I use it as well as a pomade but I have found I have been reaching for this pencil over my others. The shade is spot on too so that's even bettter

Scrub Love Coffee Body Scrub
De Je Vu? I'm still going through my last Scrub Love which I got in my May Glossybox! This one, however, is different. I think I may prefer this one more! It smells so good, as soon as you open it, you are hit with mango. It reminds me of summer. Also, this one is a coconut oil scrub rather than the charcoal one and I find it a lot more hydrating. It is buttery and sticks together in the bag so I don't destroy my white bathroom. Once again it leaves your skin so smooth and soft, it is amazing. It is almost like it leaves a film on your skin so some may not like it but it almost feels like it is locking in the moisture.

Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream
If you have read my June's Glossybox you would already know I had another eye product to try so this has been put to the test on my right eye only. I do really like this, I did prefer the other one but this is amazing too. This one is more of a thick cream and it is taking me forever to go through. I have just started to dig into it due to my nails and it is still not really going down in the jar. This is such a handy little size though makes it perfect for traveling. If I had to choose between the eye creams as much as I prefer the other one, due to the price this would be the one I go to repurchase. It is hydrating and my concealer is going on smoother and creases less. I have noticed again the fine lines don't look as promident as they did.

Ecotools Eye Enhancing Set
This set is amazing, and it only costs £6.99! For basically 4 brushes. The two in there are double ended and have everything covered. Blending, shading, highlighting. These are so handy. They are perfect for traveling and living in my work makeup bag. I don't like storing these in my normal brush pots as they just ruin the other end so it's kinda like choosing your favourite side to keep. These aren't the best quality but they do the job and they are handy for whatever eye touch ups you need so I am happy I got these in the box. They work well and don't shred so that's a bonus!
Vita Liberata Body Blur
I have only used this twice and each time, its on my legs. This is perfect for those special occasions when you want to glam up. It is a gorgeous brown tan rather than the orange ones you can get. My only gripe with this is that it is meant to cover any imperfections however my legs are so awful this sort of exaggerated the look of any blemish on them. I am prone to rashes, ingrown hairs and I have strawberry legs. Those little black dots some people have. This seemed to sit in them and make them look so obvious I just wasn't a fan. I won't be buying this in the full size as I just wouldn't reach for it.

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