Rate It Or Slate It | May

So this may be slightly later than planned but better late than never! Can you believe it is half way through the year already?! I can't believe where the time is going. I'm also sure I said that exact sentence last month. Whoops. I think the fact I haven't really tried anything new this month doesn't help as I have basically a few things to say! 
Although it is July, there will be a June one too!

Rate It 

Eurovision Song Contest
May means one thing, cheesy music, drinks and the greatest song contest of all time. Yes, I am a Eurovision lover and, yes, I still don't understand how Australia is in it. This along with the Superbowl is what I stay up to watch no matter how tired I am. Granted, it isn't on late but mumma needs about 11 hours sleep a night and gets like 3. That's what it feels like anyway. The highlights of this year have to be the rap/yodel combination which was swiftly downloaded and has made it into my '25 Top Played Tunes' followed by a catchy little number called Grab The Moment.

Dove Gradual Tan
I've said before I pretty much always use the in-shower moisturisers as I am lazy as F. That being said not the weather is warming up I am wanting the tan look but can't sit outside for hours on end with little man. I have recently fallen back in love with the gradual tans. I picked this one up in Home Bargains for a massive £1.99! I have been using this daily (obviously that's the point CeCe sort it out)

Gossip Girl
Mate. I have started watching this again and I love it! Chuck and Blair?! I love them! The only downside is the fact it makes me want to visit New York again so bad! I might have to get saving. I am full on having binging sessions on this. When I watched it first time I think I only got up to season 2! I'm hooked

Slate It

Strawberry Legs
Did you know this was a thing? I have always been self-conscious about my legs and those little black dots on the bottom of my legs after shaving. I hate the appearance of them so bad I hate having my legs on show! To make matters worse after lots of Googling I have come to the conclusion, you can only really get rid of them by having laser treatment and I just don't have that sort of money!

It's all fun and games when the weather gets hotter until the pollen gets you! I am really suffering this year too! I can not stop sneezing and even waterproof mascara isn't saving me. One sneeze and my eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadows, and eyebrows are on my clothes rather than my face!