Ten Happy Things | Tag

I have been tagged by the beautiful Naomi from Me Becoming Mum another twenty something mumma looking after two gorgeous girls, I have no idea how she does it but she is smashing motherhood left, right and center.
So basically, you write about 10 things that make you happy. I am in a position in my life where I am fortunate to have a hella lot more than ten things. Some of this things will be superficial to you but to me, they mean a lot.

10 | Makeup 
So as you can tell there is a hella lot of beauty related posts on my blog which is down to my unhealthy obsession with makeup. I would full on say I am a makeup collector. I don't need the amount I have, and I am grateful I am in the position where I can have this amount. There is something about the art of makeup. The amount of different looks you can achieve, it just builds me up and as soon as I swipe that lipstick across my face, my confidence appears from nowhere
9 | Food

One of my weaknesses if food. I love it, I'm plus sized and hate it and I am currently on a mission to lose weight, but it is such a slow process as I am just constantly eating.  Food makes me happy. I may or may not be slightly addicted to peanut butter. It is amazing!
8 | Whiskey, Wine, Gin, Anything!
I love a drink in the evening, sitting down on the sofa with crap TV and a glass of generally one of the following. Whiskey, wine (prosecco included) or gin. It's so refreshing at the end of the day looking after Tiny Human or a long day at work!
7 | Orange
This colour though, I am half tempted to change my blog theme to more orange but I'm a basic bitch so black, white and grey lives on. There is something about the colour orange, as soon as I see it I'm happy. It's so bright, loud and obnoxious, I love it so much!
6 |  Reading
Nothing beats sitting down quietly and reading a book! Granted I don't get that luxury as much as I used to but when I do, nothing beats immersing yourself in whatever you read about! It is like it instantly takes my stress away and I am there in the book scene myself.
5 | My Job
I recently wrote about how I regretted working so much during maternity leave, especially as the time has now come to return full time. That being said, I am in a job I adore and I have finally reached a point where my dream position is available! By the time this goes up I may already know if at the age of 25 I have managed to bag the job I have been working towards. Exciting eh? As you may know, I work in travel and it's an industry I have always wanted to work in since I was a little girl! 2 years of college and 7 years of hard work, let's hope it has paid off!
4 | Travel 
As you can tell from the point above, I love to travel. I have only been to a handful of destinations but hey, there is plenty of time! At this moment, I am getting used to the family travel experiences and doing a lot more 'staycations'. I love every aspect of traveling, the planning, the packing, the excitement waiting to leave and of course the actual moment you are there! Happiness at an all time high! America also holds a soft spot in my heart! I'm pretty much a British American. I love the country, the food, the people, everything! I can not wait to explore the country more.
So yeah, I had to put my blog on here, didn't I! It has helped me through depression whilst pregnant, built up my confidence and helped me with my spelling, something I have alway struggled with. Starting from scratch and then actually having people read what I have to say? That feeling is unreal, especially when you can see people return post after post. It's pretty incredible for little old me.
2 | Tiny Humans Laugh 
This noise though. It is the most heart warming and inspiring noise I have ever heard. Seeing him smile and laugh is something I want to hear every day. He laughs at the most random things but even so, that noise makes me so grateful for everything I have, I can not wait to watch him grow up. Word of warning, he is going to be a heart breaker.
1 | My Family 
My boys are my world, I would always do anything for them. Without them, I honestly wouldn't be the person I am today. They keep me sane, sort of anyway and just a life without them, isn't a life at all! On a side note, a photo for this was so difficult! I don't show Tiny Humans face, it's always blurred and Mr. B hates photos! 

So these are my top ten! I now tag the following....