Birchbox | July

My God. This months box design is making me want to go on a vacay. It's giving me serious Cali vibes and you know what, I ain't even mad!

Balance Me | Flas Cleanse Micellar Water
I'm a fan of the Balance Me brand I have tried a few of their products before and enjoyed most of them. I last got a Balance Me primer from Birchbox back in March and I liked the product but hated the fragrance of it. I think I have figured out it chamomile now though and I still hate the scent! This Micellar water, unfortunately, smells of it, so I haven't used this as much as I would have liked to for that reason but it does remove my face make up. This stings around my eyes though, and I don't really have sensitive eyes so even if I did like this scent I would buy the full size. I don't really repurchase anything from the Balance Me line as although I like most their products, I just can't get past the scent.

Percy & Reed | Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery
Urgh. Another hair product! 1) I'm no good at hair stuff, 2) I can't use this! Just like every hair product I get sent. It irritates my scalp and makes my psoriasis worse. The directions of this are, massage into your scalp so yeah, I am not even going to attempt this, sorry guys! The mother would appreciate this though! It's a shame as I am really intrigued by this as it says to use on dry hair, massage hair and then it's gone! You just wash it out in the morning. 

Benefit | Gogotint Lip & Cheek
I was never a fan of the original Benetint and this one I'm afraid is the same. I think I just don't like lip and cheek tints. This is a bright cherry shade which is beautiful but once you start blending it fades so rapidly you can't quite tell the shade it once was. It also really exaggerates the ridiculously large pores on my face and all the texture. Moral of the story this looks horrendous on me, I don't think my skin is good enough for something like this. I have tried blending this out with my fingers and brush but can't get it to sit right on my skin. I am loving the cherry colour as a lip stain though. It really is perfect when you can't be arsed to do your make up.

Lord & Berry | Conceal-It Crayon
When I saw this shade, I thought it wasn't going to be the best. I tried it on some blemished first but found this surprisingly brightening so the next day switched up my game plan and used it under my eyes. I love it! Which is a little strange as last month I had only just rediscovered an undereye concealer but this one feels so much better under the eyes. it's so lightweight and just looks natural. I had a week off work in July and the family and I was always on the move so getting ready in the mornings had to be quick. This blends out fast and looks good, I have been using it every since.

Native Unearthed | Natural Mineral Deodorant 
This scent is to die for. I am on the fence on this. I have used a good chunk but I just don't think it is for me. It keeps me smelling fresh which is great but I just didn't find it kept me dry. When I have been looking into this deodorant it does just mention it neutralized odor naturally but it doesn't mention anything about dryness. I don't know about you but that is the key point for me. I like to be dry and feel fresh. It was interesting using this balm though as in the pot it is almost like a putty texture and it just melts into the skin. Definitely a different experience. 

Nanette Lepore | Eau de Parfum
What is the point in perfume samples like these! I can use it once then forget what it even was. I haven't even tried this out on the skin yet to see how long it lasts and all that jazz. You guys know I am awful at describing scents so I'm just going to say it reminds me of roses but with some sort of depth. I think it would make a good everyday perfume. 

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