Empties | What's In My Trash

I bought a pretty basket to put all my empties in to write about them! Mr. B most likely hates this as he'll be like what are you collecting rubbish but for the blog right? I'm currently doing a 'no buy' so I am making my way through my ridiculous amount of samples and makeup.

Fake Me | Tanning Lotion Medium

This is technically cheating, it's pretty much full, however, I would never use this again and will never recommend it! If you caught my April's rate it or slate it post, you would know I hated this. Hated. This was streaky for a start and it states 'streak free' on the front of the bottle! On top of that, it's orange and not a nice brown tan. The only plus side to this I would say is I like the design of the bottle with the black and blue, would just prefer it in a normal bottle rather than this squeeze tube, it can get a bit annoying after a while. 

Nip+Fab Skin | Bee Sting Fix Eye

So I used every last drop of this eye cream and loved it. I haven't repurchased this as I have a few more I'm working my way through. This really did plump up the skin under my eye and my make up didn't sink in all the fine lines as it was so hydrating. It has actual bee venom in so if you have an allergy you can't use this unfortunately however if you can I highly recommend this. It also helps improve the appearance of bags as well, which is one thing I struggle with massively. 

Beauty Protector | Protect & Detangle Leave In Conditioner

I know I moan about never being able to use hair products but that is because most irritate my scalp. This didn't though as I just sprayed it on the mid to end of my hair and this is just amazing. One of my holy grails, no joke. This smells so good, and details amazingly. I have used this for years and will do something else that is as good as this appears. The downside is that this a Birchbox exclusive but it's worth buying it online. I don't think I have ever seen anyone dislike this! 

Lavera Naturkosmetik | Hand & Cuticle Cream

I received this in my May Glossybox and I enjoyed it. It smelt fresh and absorbed quickly but I do think I would just pick up a different hand cream which I can find in the drugstore or supermarket than trying to hunt this out.

L'Oreal  | 24 Hour Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation 140 Beige 

This foundation really doesn't get as much love as it should. That being said there is a new Infallible launch with everyone loves but I still love this one. I can no longer get any out of the pump which is annoying as I can see there is so much product in there on the sides I just can't get it out! This blends like a dream and I don't think this exaggerated the texture or pores that have invaded my face.I prefer to use this with a brush rather than a sponge as I just find on my skin the finish is better. This lasts all day and I need minimal touch ups when I wear this, I am an oily girl so touch ups are always needed no matter the product. I love the scent of L'Oreal products too, it's kinda like a rose scent but once it's blended in I can't smell it when I wear it. 

Polaar | Ice Pure Gentle Scrub
Polaar is one of my favourite brands, so I was excited when I received this back in April. This was the second product I tried from the brand although that has now changed. I loved this scrub, it made my face feel so clean after using it. I used it once a week as it is a gentle exfoliator, I liked to use a more heavy duty one on the weekends. That being said I would repurchase this once my no spend is up as it has been helping my skin massively. 

Acnecide | 5% Benzoyl Peroxide 

The doctor actually prescribed me this as I struggle massively with acne. This is a life saver. I used it morning and night over any spots I have. I am currently just using a different spot gel to use up my stash but after that, a new prescription for this will be put in for this as I haven't found anything that works as well as this.

Eden Semilla | Hyaluronic Acid Serum

I wrote a whole post about this serum which you can find here. I love this and this is my second or third bottle of this stuff. I have really been focusing it on my forehead where my frown lines are. This is so hydrating and absorbs so quickly I can crack on with the rest of my skin care. If it takes too long to sink in I can't be dealing with it!