Glossybox | July

I'm not going to blab on about how quick this year is going, I say it every month so let's get to the good stuff.

Spectrum Collection | Small Fan Brush
I am a huge, huge fan of Spectrum brushes. I have a fair few and use them pretty much daily. I used to love using fan brushes for highlight but decided to switch up and used a Spectrum C06 as it gives you more of a precise application. That being said I have used this for highlight again and I think I am slowly being converted back into the fan brush hype. It can really get the fine highlight on my nose, and mumma has a huge one so I need to be careful around that area. I have tried to use it to brush off my bake too, however, I find it too flimsy so quickly gave up on that idea.

Bellapierre Cosmetics | Banana Setting Powder

So I have gone back for forth between whether or not I like this powder. When I first got this I done what I normally do, go straight to baking my face. That was all well and good until about a few hours later it started creasing horribly! I thought it may have been because I had a new concealer I was trying out. When I switched it back to a good old trusted concealer it still creased. In the end, I decided to not bake with this but just set under my eyes normally and I loved it. With it being a yellow powder it helped conceal my dark circles even more so I have used this daily but just not to bake! God, I was stuck in work with those creases.

Cute Balms | Macaroon Tint Balm
#Crushed Berry
What was it with the month of July, both of my subscription boxes had lip and balm tints! I hate things like this. I understand the name of this brand the packaging is cute, and perfect to just throw in your hand bag as it is a screw top lid, I know it won't open and going everywhere. This has me a little confused as online it doesn't have the crushed berry shade for £5.99 just the strawberry, marshmallow and vanilla for £3.99 so I am presuming this one is a new one and they haven't released them online yet!  I don't use things like this on my cheeks as I have horrendous pores and texture I have loved using this on my lips though. It adds such a lovely sheer pink tone, which after a day in work eating and drinking it great for touch up and making me look like I am still put together. This has such a strong smell of artificial berries, and Mr. B thinks it smells of Hubba Bubba. It is such a familiar scent!

Papanga | Spiral Hairbands

Straight up didn't like these! Yes, they do what they say on the tin with the fact my hair didn;t get caught on them but they just are so thick and stiff, they kind hurt my head! I sleep with my hair up and these were so uncomfortable, I just haven't been reaching for them. 

MONUspa| Soothing After Sun Lotion
I confess. I haven't used this. When I first got my box, my mum was as red as a lobster. I would like to say I'm joking but I am really not, so I just gave this to her and kinda forgot about it. She did say it soothed her shoulders and it felt like her skin healed quickly so I would say this works! The downside is, I needed this at the end of the month but I had given it away. Can I blame it on the Scotish gene?! 

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