25 Fact About Me | Tag

I haven't actually been tagged in this but I still wanted to do it so I thought 'why not'

1| I really struggle with spelling and grammar, I always have and I think I always will. I remember in year 11 in English we had to write stories and I spelled necklace wrong every single time. I was in the highest English class though for my creative writing.
2| My favourite colour is orange, it's bright, loud and I love it.
3| I have so many American mannerisms and I have no idea why. I have had them before I even visited the country.
4| I have an addicted personality. If I am watching something, or playing a new game I get addictive and will stay up until 3am until I complete it. The last game was the Floor is Lava, I completed all 100 challenges, collected all 25 characters and all power ups in 72 hours.
5| I love watching documentaries, they are the first things I look for on TV. Especially crime/murder ones or historic ones. 
6| I love Ancient Rome, Egypt & Greece. I will alway be happy learning about those times.
7| I got my dream job at 25, managing a travel agency.
8| I struggle to make friends, I don't come across very well which I will admit but I don't mean too. I'm just socially awkward for a while.
9| I forget everything if we make plans I forget if I am meant to go to the shops for something I will forget. I have to write to do lists, but I forget to write them too!
10| I love to travel, I wish I had the money to take Tiny Human and Mr. B to see the world but I can't
11| We are pretty much eloping next year, our parents know but it will just be our family of 3 when Mr. B and I get married.
12| My dress cost £8. I don't know if I want a proper wedding dress so I just got a white backless one.
13| I start every day with a coffee or energy drink, 80% of the time it's both. I am not a morning person. I am trying to make myself one but it's not happening.
14| I love drum & bass. I love raving but I haven't been since Tiny Human was born.
15| I have the name of a rave I went to in Amsterdam tattooed to my foot, with the years I went
16| Peanut butter has to be one of my favourite foods.
17| I'm sensitive to gluten so can't eat it without being ill and needing to sleep for about 4 days straight.
18| I brought a Cheerobics DVD and I love it, I wish there were actual classes so I could be in a squad
19| I watch TV shows about 7 years after they are released. I have only just got onto season 2 of Game of Thrones and Misfits.
20| I love Pepsi Maxx
21| I can never decide what my favourite alcoholic drink is! Wine, Whiskey (neat with 1 ice cube), Pernod, Cider or Gin. Each one is my favourite at least once a week.
22| I can't make desitions when it comes to me and Mr.B. In work, I am fine however if I get asked what shall we do today, I stress and can't decide.
23| I do travel training at least twice a week, even when I don't have to. I want to be the best I can be!
24| I have a really short temper and get angry really easily.
25| I am rarely seen without fake nails.