Life | Update

Well, it has been a hot minute and then some. I took a little break from the blogosphere as I took the plunge to return to work full-time, in a higher job position and it took some getting used to. On a side note, it's my favorite time of year! Autumn or Fall, whatever you want to call it. Just give me my pumpkin spice, everythannng.

I also decided to reduce the hours I spent online whilst I spent some quality time with my family whilst we enjoyed a staycation in Weymouth.

As much as I missed blogging, I really needed to just readjust to my new work life schedule, reconnect with my family and I think I'm going to take time away from blogging time to time just so I can get to work-life balance right! 

Granted, blogging is just a hobby and a career but I do put my all in what I post, which can take over with my ridiculous addicted personality, so a week away will do me the world of good.

I've missed you all though, and I've missed writing, it's calming and helps with my anxiety massively I'm glad to be back in the blogging world.

Work is going well though, I'm not going to lie, the jump from part time to full is hella hard, and to say I have been thrown into the deep end is an understatement, but I am loving it That being said, I don't know if it is something I'll be still doing in 3 years time but it's the experience I craved and I'm taking it day by day so will see where that ends up.

Weymouth was amazing, we should be flying to the Caribbean next year if everything goes to plan so we just stayed at a Haven site this year It was the best week I have had in a long time Mr B, K and I just spent time as a family, minimum social media and it is a holiday I will treasure forever K cuddles me nonstop now, although Mr B is still the favourite, I now believe I'm a firm second place.

My diet is non-existent so back to chub club, Slimming World! I've decided I am going to do blind weigh-ins. I didn't know this was a thing until it was posted on a Facebook group. I got obsessed with weighing myself last time, I checked the numbers on the scale 3 times a day, sometimes even more. Whenever I saw that number increase I was like screw it, bring on the cakes. I am going to blind weigh for 6 months then see my results and do another 6 months until I am comfortable to see the numbers again Fingers crossed this works 

So there you have it, that's why I've been MIA and what I've been up to! Wild one eh?