Battle of the Boxes | Birchbox October

Can you believe it’s near the end of October?! Like what the actual F?! How and when did that happen?! I loved writing my Birchbox v Glossybox posts before the great laptop crash of 18, I really wanted to continue with these again. 

I can't decide how to format these posts per say as they do seem really long, so I might write two up one dedicated to Birchbox then one for Glossybox and then at the end of the month say which is my fav and why?! I am not sure yet so bear with!

Well, I think everyone knows what Birchbox is but in case you don't, it is a monthly subscription that is £10 plus £2.95 postage. You get 5 products in the box which are typically samples and then every now and again you get a full-size item.

So this box actually arrived on the 6th! I feel that was ridiculously quick. I really like the box design this month, it is screaming fall and I'm kinda living for it. The theme of this month is 'Days Like These...' It's products to help embrace the Autumn feels. You all know this is my favourite season so I was really excited about this box. I knew there was a sheet mask in the box for last months spoiler where you can choose from two different ones. I decided to not choose mine as I like the element of surprise.  So let's skip to the good bit. 

BeautyPro Thermotherapy Warming Silver Mask
Sample Costs £5.95

So firstly we have a full-size mask, obviously, we aren't going to get half a mask but I mean you purchase these ones by one from the Birchbox website and not in packs of say 3. 

The Claim
It is a hi-tech mask, is that a thing now?!, which has Vitamin C and green tea which brightens and soothes/calm respectively. It is self-warming to get deep down into the ol' skin to even tone, calm any irritations and improve radiance. So all in all, it sounds amazing for your skin in the change of season. Although it is surprisingly warm for this time of year still.

The Results
I didn't rate this one bit, it didn't self-warm which was the most exciting claim to me so it was all in all a little underwhelming. I am not gonna lie and say it was pointless as my skin did feel quite nice after all it did get all the ingredients in the serum! I just expected more from this. It is not my fav basically but not a bad facemask, I think if it didn't say self-warming I would have been happier with it.

Winky Lux Disco Kitten Gloss 
Sample Cost approx £4.88 for 1.5g
Shade: Far Out

Ok I really don't get fall vibes from this gloss, it does scream more summer from the colour of this but that being said I am glad I got this shade as if I went to look at these I wouldn't have picked it up, it looks quite intimidating at first glance in my opinion. It's purple with what looks like straight up green, blue and pink glitter in. The glitter also looks quite chunky too. 

The Claim 
This is a colour changing product, it changes on your lips as it has a PH-adjusting formula. It creates a rosy shade of gloss and as it has the glitter it's not a flat gloss, it creates fuller looking lips with an extra dimension. It says to apply directly to your lips.

The Result  
HUGE pass for me! I could feel the chunks of glitter on my lips everytime I moved my mouth! It was heavy and chunky and I honestly couldn't stand it! I honestly just found this so uncomfortable. You know when you've munched a sugar donut and you have sugar all around your mouth, feels like that! I also think it is really expensive for something like this, it's not an everyday gloss for me! I have checked out the Birchbox reviews and everyone seems to love it! Just shows how personal makeup is.

Amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask
Sample Cost approx £1.44 

I feel like Amika products are always in these boxes lately! I am getting slightly bored with the brand as I haven't been blown away just yet. Who knows this month might be the one. I normally hate getting hair products as I have scalp psoriasis so I don't like using too much new stuff directly on my scalp in case it irritates it further. This month as we have a mask I am excited to try it, it is also quite full too so should get a few uses out of this sample.

The Claim 
This is an all natural mask which helps with dryness, split ends and improves hair health. It instantly hydrates thanks to the sea buckthorn berry. This is rich in Omegas and I think is in quite a few of the Amika products. It also seals the ends of your hair and repairs damage. 

The Result
I am actually a fan of this! I have used this twice and have about one more use left in the sample. It says on the back you can use this daily or weekly but I have found twice in one week was enough to see results. I don't think I would personally want to use this daily as in my mind it would then just be an expensive conditioner and take the pampering of a mask away, which as a busy mumma you want a bit of me time. The thing that surprised me the most is I did do what it claimed, my dry, damaged a ridiculous split ends did appear smoother. It smells amazing too so bonus there.

Daily Concepts Multi-Functional Charcoal Soap Sponge
Sample Cost £6

I don't know if it's because I think I am over the whole charcoal stage or what but I am not excited about this at all, I'll still give it a shot though. I actually really like the smell of this, I haven't figured out what the scent is but I'm feeling it.

The Claim
It's a two in one product, with an exfoliating sponge and a charcoal cleansing soap. The card says it is a gentle, exfoliating sponge but on the packet, it has a dot in the mild column so I am not sure! Looks like the idea behind this is use this instead of 2 products, so cutting down the time in your skincare routine.

The Result
This is actually a good product, my face didn't break out after using it and the exfoliating sponge was pretty intense which I personally love. Feels like it really gets all the crap off. After using it my face felt clean, smoother and more interestingly tighter. There is one major downside to this product though, storage! I have no idea where to store this thing, after using it, it was just dripping black water everywhere. I have a really small bathroom so I can't even put it on a cute little plate, so currently I have stored it back in the bag it came in. I am a bit concerned if that's not hygienic though!

Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel 
Sample Cost approx £1.14

Sebamed actually made one of my favourite cleansers I have ever tried. My skin was in the best condition it had been in for ages! I'm literally trying to get through my current cleanser so I can get it again! This looks like it is you just smoother it on your face to help calm everything down.

The Claim 
The gel has been formulated to work with the skins PH levels (Deja Vu much?!) to help heal all the blemishes without causing further irritation. It also helps, sooth, hydrate and calms the skin

The Result
There is someone about this brand I really like, just like the cleanser, this is a firm favourite of mine. It has really helped keep my skin calm, especially in the season change. It hasn't completely cleared all my spots but they aren't as aggressive as normal, so full on loving this

We also had a juicy bonus this month of a perfume sample. I know some people hate these but I like them as I always throw them in a little pouch which stays in my work bag as I attend a lot of work events in the evening so it's perfect for that. This month I got the Calvin Klein Women Eau de Parfum. 

This smells amazing! I'm really bad at describing scents so this is straight from the horse's mouth (is that even the saying?!). Fresh eucalyptus, orange flower then cedarwood. I love perfumes with a cedarwood note, it's the woodiness and more masculine scents I tend to go for. This is still quite floral and clean smelling too. It might actually be one of the more feminine perfumes I actually have! Shame it's not a full bottle!

Box Worth: £19.44
Delivery: 5/5
Box Design: 4/5
Contents: 3.5/5

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